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GCO_SDSU thank you a lot !

Actually there is a multiplayer mode but it works with multiple XBox 360 controllers only :/ up to 4 players with 4 pads

We wanted and tried to implement keyboard controls for 4 players (Combat is definitely a multiplayer theme), but we had issues with the keyboard having a maximum of buttons pressed simultaneously, making the game litterally unplayable for some fighters.

We would also have loved to give players a character selection but we ran out of time !

Building and playing Soul Bools was still a funny week-end though, so thank you guys for the jam !

iramell thank you a lot !

actually we wanted to give a movement bonus when you're moving in your color + a character select and a multiplayer on keyboard but we lacked a little more time :)

Rainbow Unicorn Gun was an amazing idea as well, I hope you'll keep this project in mind as it definitely looks promising !