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Is the butler/refinery API having problems? I'm able to upload builds with butler but they don't seem to get processed, and `butler status` shows that the channel I uploaded the build to as not existing:

$ butler push html5 murphy-slaw/tanky-tank-tank:html5
• For channel `html5`: pushing first build
• Pushing 12 MiB (5 files, 0 dirs, 0 symlinks)
✓ Added 12 MiB fresh data
✓ 3.8 MiB patch (67.81% savings)
• Build is now processing, should be up in a bit (see `butler status`) $ butler status murphy-slaw/tanky-tank-tank
No channel  found for murphy-slaw/tanky-tank-tank $ butler status murphy-slaw/tanky-tank-tank:html5 No channel html5 found for murphy-slaw/tanky-tank-tank

Uploading via the website still works.

New build is up. Platforms have a lot more friction and the acceleration curve is a lot shorter.

Thanks for the feedback! I have a bunch of knobs I can twist for the physics, I will experiment with some other options once the jam is over.

What about the physics did you find annoying? I've been playing it for testing so much that I don't notice anymore. Is it literally not enough friction on the platforms, lack of air control, or something else?