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Just a couple of heads ups with the combat changes;

1. Faith's reward's first tier mentions prowess now, but each following one still mentions stamina

2. Drawing too many cards just breaks on android browser (or at least my android tablet), instead overflowing off the screen where they're inaccessible

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Technically yes but not quite;

While you do have to go on that walk,the big decision is actually whether you put your arm around him or not. If you skip the walk, you can't put your arm around him and thus end up in the bad timeline automatically.

I'm just gonna put this out here while trying to remain spoiler free for anyone confused, since the 'good' ending so far might not exactly feel that way at the moment. If you got the option to knock on Mikko's door before returning to your room, congratulations; you're in the better timeline.

Okay, but those endings are hardly "equally bad", one is significantly worse than the other.

Huh, wasn't expecting one choice to make that much difference, but very well then.

(not 100% sure how many of these things are necessary, just listing what I normally do)

So, the big one is to have the Memories of Nyx achievement; this is what opens a lot of the 'corrupt' options for random citizens.

You also need to go and collect Echo (the goo transformation thing). When returning from the meteor site, the guard will stop you; I usually fight him because there's another Nyx option to start corrupting him once you win.

Once Abel invites you inside to talk about the whole corrupt meteor thing, tell him that you're embracing the power but you're definitely doing it to protect him. He'll think you're sweet, and you'll get the option to corrupt him. Grats, you know have a glowy Abel.

I'll note the I was sitting at about 100 corruption for the guard and Abel since I was just brute forcing my way through the river to the meteor. This might not be required, but I'll leave it here in case the above isn't enough.

Does the walkthrough have a rough estimate for when it gets updated, or is it just a "when the updater finds time" situation

Then we starve together, friend

Looks like the Lake route is missing the "to be continued" screen, so the patreon thanking section is using the moon background from the route. Lovely to look at, probably not meant to be there.

You can corrupt him, it just doesn't really do anything outside of give him a faint purple outline.

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While I enjoy the content that our cast of lovely ladies is getting, I do hope Eburon's got some more stuff planned since his consort content was surprisingly sweet.

Look Draxxe, people aren't perfect and life rarely lets plans go as planned. Besides, I enjoy reading Jude's route as well, but it's not like we don't have plenty of other furry VNs to tide us over until Rook's prepped and ready rather than rushing out a project and spoiling a good start because of it.

Honestly, the fact that you even announced the hiatus in the first place helped a lot with the wait. If a project announces a hiatus that then goes on for longer than expected, it's pretty easy to assume that life happened, and that helps allevite the wait. It's when projects go radio silent (eg Delta Academy) that I have issue, but you've done as much as I would reasonably expect of someone. Take the time you need, get the rework the way you want it, and trust that we'll be right here for ya.

Okay, so the update has 'fixed' the previous issue, since the route no longer goes to the "this is the end of the current build" screen, but now the game is failing to find the font u'font/Dawnchorus-Regular.ttf' , and this isn't the kind of error screen which can just be ignored and everything goes on basically fine.

Did all three of Torulf's endings continue properly this update? The day 2 ending which finished with "And I'll emerge out of it stronger." didn't continue into day 3 for me, while the other two were perfectly fine.

That day 27 ending was certainlly... huh.

I can definitely see a Chris route being difficult at this point; I was starting to wonder how that would play out when him and Shay are a thing before route selection so we would either have to kick her out somehow or be a poly route that wasn't originally advertised as such. As someone who was kinda waiting for that Chris route (gotta rep the fellow aussies, y'know?), I'd happily have that changed to Kane at this point. The guy deserves the best, and I'd like to see that come from a Ben who isn't in a weird headspace due to Brian shenanigans.

(Until they get a name, they are Steve to me)

It'll be interesting to see what happens when Steve goes and has a conversation with Isaac. Seems like Isaac could use the company of someone just as disturbed by this uncaring world as he is.

But how much of it is a joke? I don't know you; I haven't been following Tooth all that long and, as a stranger on the internet, I do not know you as a person. Since text doesn't translate things like sarcasm and sass particularly well, and I don't have a reference of your personality, I don't have much choice but to read this flat. When reading this post without guessing at what is or isn't serious, it seems like it comes from a place of pure frustration, saying that you "despise the audience", "collectively hate" furries, and refer to people joining your server as "lonely love sick [puppies]". What part of this post is supposed to be "[joking] around"? I'm hoping the part where you tell the people who donated to "eat shit" rather than some form of 'thank you for the support, however little it was', since that's one hell of a stance to take with 100% sincerity.

And I'm just going to respond to something you said to MadwolfGrimm here, since I'm just going to make one comment on this post then move on. Earlier you commented "... I never said I hated tooth", which isn't actually true. While it was some time ago now, your last post had this to say, "For the people that's not in the discord server, I hate Tooth. I hate working on it, I hate everything about it". Whether you didn't mean this, or your opinion has changed, or any other unaccountble factor, we cannot know that. All we know is what you've told us, and you've said that you hate us as an audience, and Tooth as a project.

I apologise if this comes across as dogpiling, I just wanted to give a response without making assumptions about your mental health or circumstances. I truly wish you the best in your future writing endeavors (gods know we can never have too many stories) and am glad to hear you managed to find employment after your last post.


A "bitchy 14 year old" furry.

Ben, you better not hurt the sweet wolf by rushing the date since Bryan's somewhat primed you to be looking for sex

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whether you go with Alen or Jymsar are the different routes to my knowledge

hmm, now that I'm up to date with all of the routes, I find that I'm still missing one of the cgs in the gallery. Any hints/explanations for getting the top-right image in page 3 (right of the solo Bjorn, above the SFW Torulf+Arvo)?

When you say that Torulf's route has "3 different endings", does that mean that his route will split into 3 variants from here on out (similar to Shoichi from Tennis Ace), or is it just a small split here that will reconverge into one storyline?

I guess as a follow-up if Torulf's route does split; do any of the other routes have splits planned that you'd be willing to namedrop? Just trying to organise my saves a little bit, but it's no issue if it's a don't know/won't spoil type of answer here.

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Will there be somewhere to make a one-time purchase like steam but not through steam? I play Ravager mostly on my tablet which means that I'd have to use the steam mobile app, which is more of a 'manage your steam account' app than a 'actually let you download anything to play' app. I don't mind purchasing it through stem, I have an alternate steam account for a reason, but that doesn't help me actually play the full thing.

2 main things:

1) I do somewhat wish there was a way to either lock certain sizes (height, cock size, etc) or somehow just shrink them back to more normal values. As much as I like running around as a draconic avatar of corruption or a towering minotaur demon, sometimes I just want be a paragon of muscle and purity fighting against the corrupt hordes like some greek hero of legend. While possible to avoid all growing events altogether, things like the cock ring of the bind are great for building muscle for herculean build, but I cow have a cock and balls 3 times the height of my character, which doesn't exactly scream 'paragon or purity' to me. Similar situation with pure Torgar, since he doesn't have any fighting style options like the imp so I've accidentally hit a couple of his sigiled targets before I just removed him to stop my growth.

1a) On that topic, can Torgar get some fighting style options too? I want to use him as a pure character since he's one of the few non-corrupt or demonic characters we can interact with, but not if he's going to be constantly growing me.

2) Will there be more Abel content in the near future, both with or without corrupting him? Currently from what I can tell, he exposits a little bit, you can make him glow corruptly, but he's not like Torgar or the imp and doesn't have any form of notable progression (Torgar progresses to fully pure/corrupt, the imp progresses to be your master/servant). If he's just meant to be exposition then that makes sense, but being introduced as someone close to us who we can revisit whenever feels like he's being set up to be more than just a lore dump.

Apparently Haruki's pure unadulterated rage separated his physical form from the shadows around him. Quite impressive, really, didn't know he had it in him.

I almost wish that there was cg hints in the 'to do' section, since so far I have every cg unlocked except for the second amicus dei one and I'm really not sure what I should be doing differently. (Hiding the image since it's a great moment and I don't want to be the one to spoil it for someone.)

Did the kiss actually unlock in the gallery for others? For me it's still locked even after playing through each of Sho's routes.

Is this VN linear in it's husbando choice and it's just Oz, or could we purse other characters like Benjie? I assumed it was just Oz, but the'who to train with' question suddenly made me go "oh shit, this feels like it's asking me my hot guy of choice", so now I'm less sure.

There is no notification in my feed, although it did show up in the "New updates from projects you follow" emaiI later.

Just pickingup this VN again after a bit of a hiatus, and I'm just wondering are the stat bonuses explained anywhere? Some of them seem self-explanatory (the "[character] love/friendship +1" seems to just be your standard relationship progression and the "confident/shy +1" appears to be primarily for dialogue changes), but I'm not really sure what the strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, and corruption stats are actually modifying. 

General gaming knowledge makes me think strength is the damage of basic attacks and intelligence will be spell damage, but agility could be anything from basic attack accuracy (if that's not covered by strength), to dodge chance, to combat order, to skill power (not to mention corruption could be practically anything).  So I was just curious as to whether these were explained somewhere at all (I'm also assuming there's no way to check current values for each of these things in-game).

Oh, absolutely spot-on mate. While you'll definitely find a lot of aussies who speak more 'normally', that's often from prolonged exposure to the english spoken by poms and yanks. Without that, you'll get a lot more true-blue aussies speaking like Roo does, and he's an absolute match for that crowd. So good job there!

oh gods, it's so weird reading Roo's speech; it's like my australian brain just snaps back into default settings and I get caught off-guard when Roux comments on Roo's aussie word choice.

Godsdamnit, now I'm sad and want a scene where we fulfill Diesel's fantasies.

Okay, I feel like i'm missing something here since currently I'm getting a game over when Ruaden uses requiem of souls, no matter how well I did in the fight beforehand. Was there something you're meant to do before fighting?

Wait, Cliff has a route split? What's the branching point for his two "paths"?

Well I doubt you're fibbing since you don't seem to be purposefully giving misinformation, but you are still incorrect, since even if you're not a patron you can still look on the patreon and see that there is a 0.54 version that was posted on Feb 1.

Does Ben off-handedly say that Angel is his brother, then a few sentences later it's treated as a big reveal When it's said again?

Was this is a patreon post, or did he say this somewhere else? I'm not doubting that it was said, I apparently just missed something and want to read it myself.

So do the special scenes actually happen, or are they just fun moments that don't actually take place in the story?