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Will there be somewhere to make a one-time purchase like steam but not through steam? I play Ravager mostly on my tablet which means that I'd have to use the steam mobile app, which is more of a 'manage your steam account' app than a 'actually let you download anything to play' app. I don't mind purchasing it through stem, I have an alternate steam account for a reason, but that doesn't help me actually play the full thing.

2 main things:

1) I do somewhat wish there was a way to either lock certain sizes (height, cock size, etc) or somehow just shrink them back to more normal values. As much as I like running around as a draconic avatar of corruption or a towering minotaur demon, sometimes I just want be a paragon of muscle and purity fighting against the corrupt hordes like some greek hero of legend. While possible to avoid all growing events altogether, things like the cock ring of the bind are great for building muscle for herculean build, but I cow have a cock and balls 3 times the height of my character, which doesn't exactly scream 'paragon or purity' to me. Similar situation with pure Torgar, since he doesn't have any fighting style options like the imp so I've accidentally hit a couple of his sigiled targets before I just removed him to stop my growth.

1a) On that topic, can Torgar get some fighting style options too? I want to use him as a pure character since he's one of the few non-corrupt or demonic characters we can interact with, but not if he's going to be constantly growing me.

2) Will there be more Abel content in the near future, both with or without corrupting him? Currently from what I can tell, he exposits a little bit, you can make him glow corruptly, but he's not like Torgar or the imp and doesn't have any form of notable progression (Torgar progresses to fully pure/corrupt, the imp progresses to be your master/servant). If he's just meant to be exposition then that makes sense, but being introduced as someone close to us who we can revisit whenever feels like he's being set up to be more than just a lore dump.

Apparently Haruki's pure unadulterated rage separated his physical form from the shadows around him. Quite impressive, really, didn't know he had it in him.

I almost wish that there was cg hints in the 'to do' section, since so far I have every cg unlocked except for the second amicus dei one and I'm really not sure what I should be doing differently. (Hiding the image since it's a great moment and I don't want to be the one to spoil it for someone.)

Did the kiss actually unlock in the gallery for others? For me it's still locked even after playing through each of Sho's routes.

Is this VN linear in it's husbando choice and it's just Oz, or could we purse other characters like Benjie? I assumed it was just Oz, but the'who to train with' question suddenly made me go "oh shit, this feels like it's asking me my hot guy of choice", so now I'm less sure.

There is no notification in my feed, although it did show up in the "New updates from projects you follow" emaiI later.

Just pickingup this VN again after a bit of a hiatus, and I'm just wondering are the stat bonuses explained anywhere? Some of them seem self-explanatory (the "[character] love/friendship +1" seems to just be your standard relationship progression and the "confident/shy +1" appears to be primarily for dialogue changes), but I'm not really sure what the strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, and corruption stats are actually modifying. 

General gaming knowledge makes me think strength is the damage of basic attacks and intelligence will be spell damage, but agility could be anything from basic attack accuracy (if that's not covered by strength), to dodge chance, to combat order, to skill power (not to mention corruption could be practically anything).  So I was just curious as to whether these were explained somewhere at all (I'm also assuming there's no way to check current values for each of these things in-game).

Oh, absolutely spot-on mate. While you'll definitely find a lot of aussies who speak more 'normally', that's often from prolonged exposure to the english spoken by poms and yanks. Without that, you'll get a lot more true-blue aussies speaking like Roo does, and he's an absolute match for that crowd. So good job there!

oh gods, it's so weird reading Roo's speech; it's like my australian brain just snaps back into default settings and I get caught off-guard when Roux comments on Roo's aussie word choice.

Godsdamnit, now I'm sad and want a scene where we fulfill Diesel's fantasies.

Okay, I feel like i'm missing something here since currently I'm getting a game over when Ruaden uses requiem of souls, no matter how well I did in the fight beforehand. Was there something you're meant to do before fighting?

Wait, Cliff has a route split? What's the branching point for his two "paths"?

Well I doubt you're fibbing since you don't seem to be purposefully giving misinformation, but you are still incorrect, since even if you're not a patron you can still look on the patreon and see that there is a 0.54 version that was posted on Feb 1.

Does Ben off-handedly say that Angel is his brother, then a few sentences later it's treated as a big reveal When it's said again?

Was this is a patreon post, or did he say this somewhere else? I'm not doubting that it was said, I apparently just missed something and want to read it myself.

So do the special scenes actually happen, or are they just fun moments that don't actually take place in the story?

Well, guess it's time to figure out what the 4 gallery sections I missed were. Are there other gallery sections you unlock for making mistakes (like the vines)? Since it feels like I'm on a "good" path for each of the routes so far.

So with his new sprite, is Soutarou now taller? Or are the sprites going to be similar in height regardless of the character's actual height? I seem to remember him being on the shorter end previously, but now he seems as tall as Torahiko which caught me off guard a little bit.

So, slight issue with the Alex minigame: when you're inputting your answers, sometimes the correct answer will appear twice but only one of them will count as correct, so you can be completely accurate but lose a 50/50 guess

I'm probably missing something obvious, but what exactly was the travel hub screen again? I'm struggling to find where to forage for food and water during the nights.

Is there currently/ are there any plans for more content with Abel? As it stands there's kind of one conversation with him and you can make him glow a bit.

Unless there's a 5th dog you can somehow invite to the bath, I'm not sure the 2nd hint/barkest corner is working for me in Burry's route.

I'm an android VN reader purely because the windows devices are shared ones (family computer and a laptop I share for group projects) which basically leaves me with my phone and my tablet since I don't feel like casually keeping gay furry vns on devices my non-furry friends/family use as well

Was not expecting Kiba to come out of left field and be the most relatable character in the VN, but as a theatre major going into education studies his words about arts courses in schools hits a bit too close to home.

If that's the silhouette that I think it is, then I am very excited for the next update.

Caelan is the name the vn defaults to if you don't put one in, so maybe it just went with that instead of checking?

Is there something you have to do to unlock Drago's first nsfw scene outside of just pick him at every opportunity? Cos it feels like I've tried a lot of different things to find some hidden Drago option that I'm missing, but no luck. I'm worried that I've stuffed up my Drago playthrough since I've apparently done something to cause him to be displeased/not pleased enough and it's already having ripple effects and locking off future scenes.

huh, and here I thought I had all his points. Guess it's time to start over and go point hunting.

Oh, there's a drago scene too? may I ask how you got it, since I didn't find it in my Drago run-through and as far as I know I've gotten all the possible points with Drago so far.

Wait, there were two new nsfw scenes? Huh, I only found the "take a peek" one. Damn, that's gonna bug me now

Oh the catharsis of Luke just letting loose in his talk with Burry was fucking magnificent, even if the guilt of sad Burry made me hit the hug button as soon as my brain registered the word (I really want to see that talk with Teak the day after, although I'm not sure whether I want to confirm that something actually came out of that night or if I just want a second catharsis hit).

On a separate note, the kiss from Rune's path (so between Max and Burry) doesn't appear to be unlocking in the gallery for me, although it might just not appreciate me loading a reasonable old save at this point.

Are we supposed to be able to visit each location for Benjamin's section? Because it's only possible to go to one but he always talks as if he's visited all three.

Huh, a VN protagonist who gets a weird vision-dream and actually goes and talks to the relevant person instead of just keeping it a secret because reasons. What a refreshing change.

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I appear to be missing a trauma image and I'm not entirely sure how since (as far as I know) I'm up to date with all of the public route/path combinations. The missing cg is the one below Dean and Ty fighting and to the left of Oswin in the chair

Oh, I'm not getting on you about spoilers, I very much appreciate that you've been keeping them behind a link that requires somebody to actively click the link for the spoilers (something I've done myself a couple of times). I was more trying to warn Kazuuu that not everybody is okay with spoilers being openly discussed, especially the major ones like that Jun one.

As for the Jun spoiler in the gallery, the accident itself may not show Yuuichi in it, but the following images for Jun show Yuuichi in hospitals/leg braces, and Jun relatively fine, so 2 + 2 could be put together from those.

You might want to be careful when publicly talking about the contents of a document that is pretty much purely spoilers. It removes people's capacity to choose to not be spoiled if it ambushes them in the comments. As for the spoiler you're asking for, I would recommend just playing through the Jun route to get that far yourself, since it's a little bit more complicated than I can put here without spoiling others,

I think a library background image may be missing, since I had to skip through (i'm assuming a scene's worth) of stuff in kouya's route after leaving Kounosuke's place (I think it went from line 1646 To 2022 on day 10 If that helps at all)

I don't think you did anything wrong, since I was just following the prefect route guide and didn't see and sea salt ice cream to select there either. I guess the main question now is whether its a bug or if they removed it for one reason or another

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So pretty sure this wasn't supposed to happen, but Yuuichi's sprite in the botton left changed from shirt-wearing to singlet-wearing during the conversation with Alex, and I can only imagine that Yuuichi ripped his shirt off to establish dominance.