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Hi Feldo. Thanks for the feedback. Me and the team had a great time making it. Thank you for putting the jam together!

This was fun, and at times frustrating, making for an overall fun game play experience. The patrol skeletons were one of my favorite challenges. I hope to see more games from you in the future. 

Will do!

Thanks for the feedback. The purpose of the timer is for situations like in level 2 where the floor is missing. If you aren't on a safe spot when The timer runs out you will fall and have to start over. That being said I definitely see how this could be a bottleneck in the other levels. I will take a look at adjusting the depletion and recharge rates on the various levels. 

Fun, but the controls make it difficult to play.


I love the concept of piloting Santa's sleigh. The animations and movement feel perfect and the way the music responds to the game play is a very nice touch!

Hey everyone. Here is a video showing the main mechanic for our game. We would love your feedback.