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Hey there, sorry, somehow your message didn't reach us back when you sent it...

From my experience, when playing Aria, it's best to start the game by maxing out Attack, then gradually increase Attack Regen and Upkeep. Aria's homing missiles are her strongest feat and you should keep the attack gauge and 3rd (top) level all the time.

In case of Noire, you may want to try Magic Regen and Upkeep more, as her spell actually deals a lot of damage. Don't completely ignore your Attack stats, but Noire should be able to stand her ground a lot easier with magic improved.

When fighting the second boss, attack the robots (not the boss) during the first phase. When you already kill 4, there should be small enough number of bullets on the screen for you to take a moment and regenerate. Kill the 5th one to proceed to further phases.

Whenever you fire a spell, position yourself right under the boss and fire away, to take as much of his HP as you can during your invulnerability period. This applies especially to Noire - when doing this trick with her, do not use focus. Use normal fire - you will have more bullets this way, and if you combine the freezing spell with it, your attack power will be enormous. Remember you can also hold the spell to last longer (watch out for your magic gauge though). Use this to beat the most problematic phases! On each phase the boss will give you powerups, which should help you regenerate lost magic.

I... guess you mean "Bouff" by Machinae Supremacy :--)?

You can press F11 during the game.

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Chaosrise is now on

Chaosrise is a danmaku game in which you take control of one of two female protagonists in their quest to unravel a mystery of unknown powers awakening uncontrollable lust among inhabitants of an extraordinary world in which the story takes place. Making their way through varying parts of their universe, spread throughout seven stages packed with action (and horny enemies), little by little they, too, succumb to the new conditions, blanking their minds - but filling their bodies with much more fun stuff...

About the game

Apart from adult content (which can be switched off at any point), we offer you a fully valid, challenging and fun-to-play manic shooter with hordes different enemies and obstacles - as well as 11 powerful bosses that will make you sweat… and hard, should you lose the battle and be "rewarded" with a vast number of hentai game-over CGs!

Though true to the genre, the game differs considerably in terms of gameplay from any other series, requiring player to effectively and wisely manage their firepower and magic capacity, as well as introducing unique features, including RPG-like skill development system.

The game offers:

  • 2 playable characters, each with their own unique firing pattern and magic power
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 7 stages
  • 10 types of enemies with hundreds of unique behaviors and attack patterns
  • 11 bosses
  • 8 different stats to level-up and make your character stronger
  • Possibility to save your progress (yeah, it's not really often seen in danmaku)
  • Hi-score system
  • A kinky storyline available in both English and Japanese
  • "Undressable" character status bar, with the heroine losing her clothes as her HP depletes
  • Unlockable gallery of 32 high-quality hentai CGs, exclusive for both characters, each stage and every boss!
  • Epic music by Machinae Supremacy

This game is hard as balls. Start slow, with the lowest difficulty level.


Your support and feedback is appreciated <3