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The placement of the O was a simple random number between 1-9, then checking if that location has been taken. If not, it places the O. If yes, it'll try again. It's nothing complicated, and for the purpose of the game (a small idea), it worked fine (apart from the unfair game advantage).

Nokia 3310 JAM community · Created a new topic Discord?

Is there any Discord server for this game jam? I'm asking because I find it better to communicate between the other contestants and to also see how they're doing.

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Small question, there's no Discord server for this game jam correct? Just thought it'd be interesting to see how others were doing during the jam.

Edit: Sorry nevermind, just saw the link now. I'm just dumb :P

Thanks! I myself thought that it wasn't as good, and that I could improve many more things (like the graphics, the actual gameplay, music/sound effect, etc.)  if I wasn't lazy that weekend. This is my 3rd game *released* to other people other than myself, but I play to make many more games. :)

That's what makes this century unique.

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:) Not sure if it's going to count though, since the modifications were after the submission date

The PPAP dude has a tiny bit of shadow on the left side.

When the trees grow, they will overlap, and that shows depth a tiny bit. As well, One of the buildings have an upgrade which makes it have another tower which goes behind that building by a tiny bit.

There is shading on the blue points thing.