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Cara, esse jogo tá muito muito massa. Agora que joguei em casa consegui ver melhor. A arte, a música, os puzzles. Tudo mto legal, queria ver mais hehe

Ow, thank you for playing :D

Hi guys. I’ve finally finished my first game, Star Catcher.

I’ve made it with the gdevelop engine, i’m very proud about how it came out, hope you guys like it too.

The story is about an astronaut that needs to find a little star so the humanity can restore the sun’s core and save the solar system. It is very simple but i’ve added some animations and choose the songs so i could achieve a good mood for the history.

You can play it on your PC or Android phone. The gameplay in each version is a little bit different because i had to ballance the game differently in each platform so it could be much more playable.

Some images:

You can find the PC version in the page of the game:

And the Android version in the Google Play Store:

All music used in my game are royalty free. You can see the credits in the credits of the game. :D

Hope you like it!

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Very interesting game, i've played some levels!! I only think that the kick sounds should be less annoying...