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Thank you for your kind words and for the opportunity to express myself creatively alongside many others who share a passion for making games.  

For those who are looking to make a new friend who also loves making games, feel free to shoot me a friend request on Discord (username is muddrox).  

Also, if Kevin Cole or other members of Super Try are looking to collaborate sometime, I would love to hear from you!  I am proficient at coding in GML (10+ years of experience), pixel art, and more.

Thanks everyone!

Awesome!  Shame I couldn't make it as I would have loved to meet you all.  Thanks for the clarification.  :)

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Hey judges!  Quick question: I was wondering if we were supposed to show up at Hackfort in person.  I finished my game by the deadline but was feeling really ill so I couldn't make it to Hackfort in person despite making my submission.  I wasn't sure if the games were judged there or if they were being judged throughout this week online so any clarification in that regard?

Thanks! :)

I couldn't start the game either.  Perhaps include a windows executable version of the game?

Welcome back to the indie dev scene!

I beat your game.  I know learning a new engine is hard and Game Maker 1.4 lacks many conveniences present in Game Maker 2.  However, you made a playable level and submitted it to Game Jam no less!

Quick note, I would make the bubbles in your game much bigger.  It would also be cool if the bubbles bounced you up much higher in addition to giving your fly ability back.  Also, pogoing downward is too fast so maybe limit the player's max downward speed.

To change the "Made with Game Maker" title, find the gear toward the top of the IDE (Game options), then click Windows under platform settings.  You should be able to change what you want there.

I hope you had fun and I hope your game dev journey continues!

I made it to the top!

Congrats on creating your first game!  The first game I created was far more primitive than this so great work!  

I think the main thing I would like to see improved is how the ship handles.  I wish I had more influence on how the ship moves on the x-axis.  Its diagonal movement feels a bit jerky and requires a lot of button-mashing to get going.

I know it must have been not easy to figure out how to make this in 48 hours.  You should be very proud of yourself.  :)

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I just beat it!  Hit boxes are a bit evil but other than that the game is practically immaculate.  

I was surprised by how many times the level design kept weaving back into itself in cool and intuitive ways.  This is an impressive effort that effectively amounts to a mini Metroidvania platformer.  

I also appreciate how it approaches its main gameplay mechanic, interacting with bubbles, in diverse ways.

I would be remiss in not giving a shoutout to the music that perfectly matched the game's atmosphere and minimalistic tone.  The music evolves in interesting ways as you progress throughout.  The music really helped certain moments of the game feel important.

The visual minimalistic approach was leveraged to create a surprising amount of world-building. the muted garish tones make its environment feel cold and hostile to the player.

This is an extraordinary result despite being made under tight constraints of just 48 hours.  Great work!

Thanks!  And yeah, level 4 is a bit tricky.  :)

I am super bummed because my submission doesn't work in the browser via itch.  This is odd because it works perfectly well when testing it on my browser through my usual IDE but not on Itch.  For reference, I use Game Maker.  I would troubleshoot the issue further but the deadline has passed so I could only make the Windows executable version available before the deadline.  I guess that is what I get for cutting it too close to upload.  Is anyone else having similar issues?

WOW!  Uh, this is VERY good.  Like holy moley man

Hey everyone!

My name is Brock and I look forward to jamming with you all tomorrow!  I have only ever participated in one game jam so this will make my second.  I love making games and recently launched a game I created called Floomy.  I will be flying solo during this jam but I look forward to connecting with some of you as we experience/follow each other's creative works.  It breaks my heart a little not knowing more people who share my passion for making games so please feel free to friend me on platforms like Discord.  I hope you all have a wonderful game jam!

Lol true.  I have replayed this game many times and it gives me a good laugh each time.  It is a masterpiece. 

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This was a really clever way to make a platformer/puzzle game with minimal player input!  Nicely done

This game needs a sequel