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I just beat it!  Hit boxes are a bit evil but other than that the game is practically immaculate.  

I was surprised by how many times the level design kept weaving back into itself in cool and intuitive ways.  This is an impressive effort that effectively amounts to a mini Metroidvania platformer.  

I also appreciate how it approaches its main gameplay mechanic, interacting with bubbles, in diverse ways.

I would be remiss in not giving a shoutout to the music that perfectly matched the game's atmosphere and minimalistic tone.  The music evolves in interesting ways as you progress throughout.  The music really helped certain moments of the game feel important.

The visual minimalistic approach was leveraged to create a surprising amount of world-building. the muted garish tones make its environment feel cold and hostile to the player.

This is an extraordinary result despite being made under tight constraints of just 48 hours.  Great work!