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Mt. Penguin Monster

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The part of the screen at the bottom that was missing before the update is really helpful!

The premise is pretty promising and the time travel mechanics may make for interesting puzzles. I look forward to when this is complete.

There are some good ideas in this game. The drawing minigame had a few flaws, especially with trying to draw triangles. The mechanics are fairly simple, but that would be expected for a game jam game. But overall, this is pretty good.

0:6:29 Nice!

Thanks :)

This is a pretty good game for this jam. The music and art are very neat. My only problem with it is that the platforming is sometimes a little bit sluggish. The gameplay reminds me a bit of Hello Worlds!, a game I enjoyed when I was younger. Have a nice jam!

It’s not clear what the player is meant to do, and it’s also not clear what the controls are.

Some of the winning note combinations end up being a bit unpleasant. Apart from that, it’s a pretty good concept and fits well with the theme.

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

The mouse aiming controls are a little unintuitive at first, but once you get the hang of them, you can use them to your benefit.

I’m glad to see you approve of my (mis)use of your software :)

On discord, I’m @mtpenguinmonster.

And today I came back to this game, and finished it.

I’m on Firefox 113. This game shows a blank screen when I try to play it.


    Mario woke up in his house. Being a mermaid was tough for Mario, but rewarding in its own way. Then, Mario heard a knock on his door. Mario opened it.
    A cat walked up to Mario. "Hi, I'm Melvin!" the cat said.
    "I'm sorry, but that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard." Mario said.
    "Take that back!" yelled Melvin.
    Melvin explained her situation to Mario. Melvin tried riding some rides at an amusement park, but was deemed too great to ride. "So, can you help me get on the rides?" Melvin asked.
    "Sure!" Mario said.
    Mario made Melvin try out a potion that claimed to be capitalist. Melvin drank it, and became communist.
    "Wow, I love being communist!" Melvin said.
    "I think they might actually let you ride the rides now that you're communist." Mario said.
    The next day, Melvin went to the amusement park to ride some of the rides. Melvin tried getting on one of the rollercoasters, but got stuck in one of the capitalist loop-de-loops.
    "I'll save you!" yelled Mario, who conveniently happened to be at the park.
    Mario dropped his smart candy bar and ran to the scene, but before Mario could get there, Melvin fell 823,697,216 feet... before being saved by Mario.
    "Wow, thanks so much for saving me!" Melvin said.
    "No problem!" Mario replied.

First time pressing “generate” gave me the following:

    Ogathur woke up in his trailer park. Being a dragon was tough for Ogathur, but rewarding in its own way. Suddendly, a fat portal appeared in the wall. Ogathur was confused, but decided to walk through it.
    When Ogathur came out, Ogathur was in a huge border wall.
    Ogathur was suprised to see his friend Samus standing in a communist pair of gloves.
    "Why are you wearing that?" Ogathur asked.
    "I have to wear it because I'm a dragon". Samus said.
    Ogathur starting laughing so hard, and continued laughing for 9 minutes. Samus's face turned red with anger.
    Samus looked into Ogathur's eyes.
    "I think you should go on a date with me!" Samus said.
    "Okay." Ogathur said.
    The next night, Ogathur put on an angry skirt and met Samus outside a moon.
    "Wow, I love your yellow dress!" Ogathur said.
    "Thanks, I made it myself!" Samus said. Samus held the door for Ogathur as Ogathur walked inside.
    Ogathur suddendly had a heart attack.
    "Ooff... please... save me..." Ogathur said before his eyes closed and his body went limp.
    Samus rushed to save Ogathur. Samus tried to use a nearby photo of Samus as a defibrillator, but it was no use. Ogathur died.

    (Part 7 of an ongoing fanfiction)

This is amazing and hilarious.

This is a pretty good educational game about the dangers of releasing drones that attack your own plane when you’re trying to cross the Atlantic ocean.

15 minutes, 12 seconds. I’m pretty satisfied.

I accidentally hit the “Community” button and it reset the game :(. But maybe one day I will beat sans. That day is not today.

The mechanics are pretty good. I think that adding audio to the game would greatly improve it. I think making the icons for sword and spear more distinctive could also improve the game. Overall, it’s still a pretty fun game.

It took me many tries, but I finally defeated the king!

I finally solved it after several weeks

My score on my first try is 27576.

That was a pretty fun game. I hope there’ll be more like it in the future

I managed to block one of the doors with a barrel

For those struggling on level 9 and can’t figure it out: Tb qvntbanyyl.

My highscore is 310

This might be some weird behaviour in p5.js that depends on what browser you’re using. I’ve only tested it in Firefox on Ubuntu, but I found from screenshots by other players that the game sometimes behaves differently than it does on my machine. The way I coded the clue generation was to use index+1 for the number in the clue:

    index = floor(random(5));
    digit = bomb_id[index];
    // bomb_id is the numeric part of the bomb's label
    return "The "+ordinal(index+1)+" digit is "+digit+".";

If what you describe is happening, you should see “0th” sometimes appear in the clues, which doesn’t happen on my machine. It’s also possible that you interpreted the letter at the beginning as being a “digit”, which I didn’t.

My highscore is 81.094

I like that the ls and cd aliases work.

Do not read this until you have reached the end of the game.

I looked up the coordinates at the end. The plane crash is actually real, and visible on Google Maps. There is no Wikipedia article geotagged with the coordinates of the plane, but there is a stub article on the wildlife sanctuary where the crash happened. The article on the wildlife sanctuary does not reference the crash at all.

Penguins :)

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My highscores:

Easy - 688

Medium - 184

Hard - 44

An interesting and beautiful game, filled with excellent puns. 10/10

Isopod :)

This felt like walking through a museum about a topic I was already familiar with. I already knew about a lot of the stuff, but it was still an enjoyable experience to walk through a calm exhibit.