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It's already a pocket change, but I'll go -30% til the end of the month for all my stuff

Hey, I really like the aesthetics, is there any chance you'd release source files? I'm interested in godot and I wonder how you made it work.

very atmospheric, I love it

Alright, I don't really want to charge just for the plain license change, and after some reading I agree, CC-BY-SA is not good for assets. I changed the license for this pack to CC-BY, and I'll do the same to all my other assets later :) thank you for the heads up. Still, if you're interested in the animations or whatever, stick around!

hey, I was thinking of releasing a paid version that would include explosion animations, but I haven't wrapped my head around it yet, so the animations will pop up later. What license exactly would you prefer?

I really like those! They give a gameboy feel for sure.

Update 1.2 Is here, adding several new sprites!

More than that, static versions of those sprites are now free to download here!

Here is a free static version of my animated pickups, recently updated to 1.2 adding several new sprites.

As always, I hope it'll become useful!

Hey, update 1.1 is here!

I've made a bomb and ammo pickup, both with unique animations. Bomb drops heavily, then pulls up, ammo spins around.

I hope you enjoy!

A small set of basic pickups for a platform game or something else!

  • 16x16 (one animation is 16x28)
  • Fully animated!
  • Versions with and without the outline
  • Palette included

Current pickups are:

  • Health pickup
  • Energy pickup
  • Money pickup

Plans for future updates:

  • Key pickup
  • Keycard

2D Metroidvania "Bio" Sci-fi themed Tileset 16x16

It's really more like a regular sci-fi + a purple growing mass tiles:
370 tiles overall, 305 of them being different ground tiles
more details at the link below:

Hello :3

I've made a small modern grenade asset pack that includes 6 different grenade types, with and without pins. 

I appreciate all the feedback and support! Please check out my other assets when you get the chance, cheers!

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My second tileset is here!

2D Metroidvania Desert Tileset 16x16

93 pixel art tiles in a sandy fantasy setting

I greatly appreciate all the feedback and support.

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My first official tileset is here!
2D Metroidvania Ice Tileset 16x16

88 pixelart tiles in an icy fantasy setting

I greatly appreciate all the feedback and support.