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Loved it!

It just reads "WebGL not available". I never encountered this error msg (I'm on Chrome + Windows)

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Great game! Love it!

What's the green dot that floats in front of the valorous frog?

Suggestions: you need something to nerf the tactic of amassing blue points, which is easy and boing.

A few options for you (maybe, all of them):

* "critical hit": occasionally, an enemy will score a critical and remove all your blue points instead of inflicting damage. Maybe warn about this: at the end of the previous turn, a crosshair moves from that enemy to the character, and stays there -- this means that, at its next turn, that enemy will score a critical -- assuming it survives. Some enemies will do this more often than others. (dont' make them do this if they inflict more damage with a normal hit.)

* "stale blue points": at the end of each turn, after the enemy scored their hits, some 1/3 or 1/2 of your leftover blue points always  evaporate (not the enemies). Edit: it's important that you lose a fixed %, like 50%, rather than a fixed amount, to make it less and less convenient to accumulate points.

* "fatigue / time limit": a hourglass counts down combat turns. After it runs out of turns, you get to play one fewer die per turn, and it resets. (note: even after you are without any die left, you might still miraculously win, thanks to heavy dice). Edit: I know that this means that when the fatigue kicks in, you are pretty much dead. But it's better than a "hard" time limit i think. (Edit 2: maybe:  fatigue timer does not tick if you willingly use one fewer die, and recovers if you use two fewer dice.)

* "all dice can shatter": crystal dice break every time, but even standard dice can shatter occasionally. (This gives you some pressure to do things rather than just wait amassing blue points). Edit, a better option: they occasionally shatter when you DON'T use them, not when you use them. (and when they do, they don't get put back into the pouch). So it's not a shatter, it's a "decay" (maybe make them evaporate, graphically). Edit2: a new type of "long preservation" dice which never "decays" like this.

Very well designed and realized. Delicious self contained story. Great feeling and masterful handling of the theme, across gameplay and art (music, graphics). Congratulations, and thank you!

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Great work! I played the new 0.0.10 version, and I've seen that it doesn't crash ... for much longer.

Eventually, it did crash (on my 2nd game -- I lost the first one quickly). I was quite late in the game: army of maybe six, mission to get 2000 reachable in maybe a few days, and lots of income producing installations. The automatically saved the state, maybe just before crashing. If I try to continue that saved game, it just crashes immediately after loading.  All crashes give the same error as before. I've sent you the savagame and the crash folder by email.

Great game BTW! Fun to play, so many thanks. In my first game, I got defeated, which is a first at Pact. Nice! I was a bit careless maybe. The second game, it was the one that crashed. 

Maybe what made it crash is the following. Because I think I understood that planting an installment (a bank, windmills or mine) "overwrites" the previous original location, which turns into a bank etc, and because I didn't want to lose original locations and their useful options, I started planting my installments one over the other instead. This way, I only lost the access to the options of my older installment, which (apart from upgrading of windmills twice) I was not interested in using. What was important for me as a player, is that I kept the income of "overwritten" installments, and that seemed to be the case. So not only I planted banks over banks repeatedly, but also different installment over each other, like windmills over banks. Maybe, when an exhausted bank recovered or something like it, and wasn't actually a bank any longer, this it made it crash.  Just a wild guess.

BTW, from the point of view of design of the rules, I wonder (1) if players should really be allowed to plant one installment over another, unrealistically stacking them up in the same place, and (2) if an installment should really be replacing the original options of a place, rather than just adding new options but keeping the old ones (It's not like the herborist of a city disappears just because you opened  a bank subsidiary next to it). 

Title says it all. The Underworld is 10 stages, but only 7 of them have a diamond in it?

I tried two times and now I am a bit exasperated. 

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Yes, I do get a pop-up, but it's very unhelpful, it just says something like "Fatal Error" "the game has generated an error and will..." (the message doesn't end). I can make a screenshot but it won't help you much I think.  Shell I?

It doesn't seem to crash in response to any particular action of mine, which fits your explanation (that it happens 5 days after some action). I didn't find a pattern that triggers it, what I know is that I never get very far in the game, with my style of playing it. 

Which is this: I focus on money income (which ... ahah, let's say it's subtly hinted to be important), so what I end up doing most often is taking control of cities, planting mines and woodmills as often as I can, recharge exhausted mines and woodmill cards with teas, and upgrade them as often as I can too.

Some comment on the game, for what I've seen: the system looks very cool! The setup is *very* captivating, with this mysterious and ominous  focus on money and the titular pact.  But also, the game so far strikes me as too easy: everything you do is abundantly rewarded (even just walking), no enemy is ever remotely a threat, significant and permanent upgrades (income, allies, artifacts, spells) seems to be super easy to gain (like when you literally control a city after walking by a few times, or you just collect powerful artifacts on the ground, or your deity packs you with powerful spells in exchange of peanuts in coins). But maybe this is intended, and the challenge will rise later in the game.

EDIT:  specific answers:  no, it doesn't mention Unreal at all in the Error message, I commented about Unity vs Unreal just because ... the icons of the games give it away.   :-D    Also, maybe a saving option would not be necessary (barring crashes): I see the nice side of *not* having it. For sure, There Is Only Power worked very well without it. The Daily Challenge mechanism was a dope idea, BTW! Will you replicate that? It makes the well done procedural aspect of the game shine, and it was just brilliant. Oh, BTW, in There Is Only Power it didn't always work as advertised, and often it went back and forth between two scenarios in the same day (I know complete determinism is easier said than done).

Pact community · Created a new topic Crashes very often

Interesting game!

Big fan of that little gem that is There Is Only Power, I jumped at the occasion to test this one out.

Unfortunately, I could not advance much, as the game crashes on me after a while ("Fatal Error"). I tried several matches (four, I think) and it just crashes sooner or later, well before the action gets hot.It never give me me the time to complete 2-3 missions before crashing, sometimes not even one.  Considering there is no save or checkpoint feature, this means I still don't know how the game looks like later on.  Too bad! 

It seems Unity served you better than Unreal: I don't remember There Is Only Power crashing that much, or, actually, at all.

Not bad! Enjoyable!
The player is maybe a bit too much in the hand of randomness, even for a roguelike. Also, it's anti-climatic that the most frequent death is by starvation -- it's not just that many of these deaths are unfair (the game just did't give you enough food): even as for "unfair" deaths go, they should better be more often by violence: hunger is just not too exciting.

great idea, spotless realization.
(maybe a mini-checkpoint system?)