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It fixed itself after a couple of days. 

There's a bug (for me at least) where the background for the text/ dialogue in the game stays there, even in the map screen. I also think there should be a way to get virtue back if there isn't already. Other than that, great game so far!

Not trying to make any spoilers, but when is the character that left coming back? Next update? Great game btw

Is there a way to get into the houses next to Velvet Desires yet? I've been looking for a few days and haven't found out how.

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Can someone help me out with the special events? I'm missing the last two main special events and I only have the first 6 side special events. Also, love this update Jikei :)

And apparently lain already update the mod before I used it.

Also, I had one of lain's pictures as my background in the pc. I can't access the pc now and i can't launch it with lain's mod because of errors. I tried the traceback markdowns but it didnt do anything, so my only idea is to redownload a 0.7.2 version  and change the background picture in my save or wait for lain's 0.8. What do you think I should do? I want to play the new update :(

I tried using it with lain's mod but tons of errors occur. Will there be an update to lain's mod that is?

Runey when should we expect the next update? I can't wait! Also I played through it all in 3 days I love this game.