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Can someone help me out with the special events? I'm missing the last two main special events and I only have the first 6 side special events. Also, love this update Jikei :)

And apparently lain already update the mod before I used it.

Also, I had one of lain's pictures as my background in the pc. I can't access the pc now and i can't launch it with lain's mod because of errors. I tried the traceback markdowns but it didnt do anything, so my only idea is to redownload a 0.7.2 version  and change the background picture in my save or wait for lain's 0.8. What do you think I should do? I want to play the new update :(

I tried using it with lain's mod but tons of errors occur. Will there be an update to lain's mod that is?

Runey when should we expect the next update? I can't wait! Also I played through it all in 3 days I love this game.