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Is it meant to be possible to decrypt 100% of webpages in the HAP in the last day? I've had my "% decrypted" progress reset to 0 a few times, and I can't tell if this is a bug or if I'm just not supposed to be able to archive everything.

I'm playing the Mac version from Itch.

Don't actually need to do that to fix it! Resizing the window until it has enough room to jump up an integer scaling interval fixes it, and it will remember that scaling setting. I just think the default should be bigger than it is.

On Macs with high DPI screens, like MacBook Pros with retina monitors, the default scaling factor is a bit too small. The actual number of pixels on high DPI screens is 4x higher than normal, but it looks like Hypnospace Outlaw doesn't take that into effect and so the game window ends up being really small. The attached screenshot shows an example - notice how it's smaller than the text box I'm typing this in. :) Making it double the size by default on high DPI screens would be perfect.

I may be able to help with this - I have a little familiarity with Mac codesigning stuff, which sounds like the problem. Let me know if you need some help!