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日本語訳を付けました。I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. There are some minor bugs but I recommend Flesh Water to anybody who enjoys indie horror games. Since my native language is Japanese, I have to comment on the Japanese option. Frankly speaking, it's not even playable in Japanese. So, I added my own translation to the upload. I hope it helps Japanese players and people who are interested in studying Japanese. If you guys, the dev brothers are interested in Japanese localization, please feel free to let me know.

I absolutely enjoyed the short horror game, Nanny. I loved the creepy depressing reality from the kids point of view. I'm a fan of your work. Other Midnight Series, The Librarian and The Supper are also highly recommended. I also translated the story verbally so that my Japanese viewers understand it. I'm looking forward to the next game! 

Thank you so much for your reply. I was so curious to find out where the culture and tradition came from. Please keep sharing and educating players through games. I'm looking forward to Moroi Springs 2! 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I enjoyed the small folkloric puzzle adventure. I was going through the BLM bundle the other day, and I discovered Winterlore. Because I wanted to share with my Japanese viewers, I translated the game in Japanese. Unfortunately, my channel is not big but this should help some Japanese people to enjoy Winterlore. So, please release the sequel if you still enjoy making the game. Thank you for the wonderful experience. 

By the way, I just wanted to find out where this folkloric idea came from. The description page and the vibe set the mood perfectly, but I wish I could see more about the background of folkloric story. I hoped to see more details about her grandfather in the cliffhanger as well.  

I'm sure some of us can relate themselves to the situation. I loved the art style so much. The story was heart-breaking but the art style could perfectly balance it out. I voluntarily added Japanese subtitles. It's nothing professional but I hope it helps to reach Japanese audience. The only complain I have is that I had to restart the game because the shoes completely vanished right after grabbing them, haha. Overall, I enjoyed the melancholic but beautiful little game. Two thumbs up! 

It was one of the most moving games I've played. If you like Night in the Woods, please play this game. You won't regret. I paid only $2 but the game is worth much more. I also played it with Japanese commentary so I hope my audience will appreciate the story. Prepare to wipe your tears at the end. Thank you so much. Please keep making more amazing games!

Your game is better anyways. Don't worry Jim. 

I also received the email. :(

I really enjoyed Everybody Wham Wham. I decided to purchase this game after playing Tower Guy. I enjoy bits of jokes and music in the game a lot. Everybody Wham Wham might not be for everyone but a player like me finds the game absolutely amazing. I'm also a fan of Night in The Woods and Frog Detective. This game reminded me of those cute indie games. If you enjoy those game, I highly recommend you to try the Wham! I'm sure you'll be singing the Wham song at the end... Totally loved it!

It was unexpectedly fun to play! I added Japanese subtitles to my video. I hope this will reach out more Japanese audience. I hope you had a safe and relaxing holiday.


Thank you for making another interesting game, Two Star Games. I added Japanese subtitles to my video. I hope this will reach out more audience and players. I'm still waiting for the chapter 4, My Beautiful Paper Smile too. 

I enjoyed it very much. I added Japanese subtitles. Thanks for the fun experience.

It was so relaxing and adorable. I enjoyed the every single puzzle. The hand drawing texture gave me a warm feeling. The ambient sounds must be soothing to everyone' ears who experience the game. If you guys are developing more games in the future, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

I was looking for a game interests me for a while, and this is definitely the one I was happy to be recommended to play. Since it's not localized in Japanese, I have translated verbally for my Japanese audience. It had genuine Japanese game vibe. I hope it'll be localized in Japanese as well if that's possible. Thank you for the interesting experience, I'm truly looking forward to playing the full release. 

I loved the graphics and small conversations in the small town. Those friendly yet rough communications are something we have lost in the city. Unfortunately, I couldn't make good personal connections with the game. However, this slow and nostalgic feelings will bring good vibes to players.

It was absolutely another beautiful yet nostalgic experience from the same creator. I enjoyed the simulated experience like actually walking under hundreds of toriis. I hope this kind of experience will help people understand the place better. Some people never even have chance to travel but this could really present people the genuine vibe of the place. Thank you

Thanks, Max. I'm Bloodborne fan so I was happy to play this cute mini Bloodborne again. The map was quite well made to recreate the actual town of Yharnam. The Father Gascoin fight was easy but it was great, haha. The fight was very "genuine" as far as I remember. Anyways, thanks a lot. 

It was very relaxing and genuine time. I have motion sickness issue while playing games, but I enjoyed this short walking simulator. I hope I could make the playthrough relaxing and enjoyable for whoever wanted to go for a walk with me.

Honestly, I had neither a clear idea nor answer what was going on with the game. It was disturbing without clear explanations or obvious violence. The dark narrative and black and white-ish art style were perfect paring in my opinion. Again, I just have some guess about the story but what really happened is pretty much left to the players’ imagination, I think. Short but great vibe. Looking forward to seeing more from the creator. 

Everyone deals with loss differently. The way you decided to deal with it might be controversial or difficult for others to understand. I don't personally agree with isolation to 'deal with' the pain but no one should be judging you for the decision you made or have made. Lighthouses are iconic architectures here in Nova Scotia, Canada. They are beautiful but always alone and showing light for others, not for self though. It was melancholic but I appreciated the concept.

Absolutely stunning game. I was excited to see this game in the bundle  for racial justice and equality. I  had played  Crossing to The Cold Valley so I  knew Kingdom Ka was already promising before starting  the game. 

 This is just one upload of mine but I was utterly impressed by the philosophy delivered through the game. My feelings and emotions got so much brighter towards the end of this game. I   went through    really relaxing and enlightening moments. Thank you so much. This is an amazing indie game. 

Very cute game with unique Japanese humor in it. I enjoyed the experience because it was funny and relaxing at the same time. I loved to read both languages together. 

I enjoyed this game so much. I don’t think that every player understands or can relate to the ideas in the game easily but I was really fascinated by key elements such as the mask and the clock. I don’t know if that was creator’s intention but I could relate myself to the idea of wearing ‘mask’ customized by others with limited choices of colours and shapes. I played this game especially when I was feeling down and low in my life. I felt bit lighter after the experience. Thank you so much for making me feel not alone through this experience. 

Hi Endflame,
It's my pleasure to help indie game developers! I am usually better at handling my motion sickness issue by lowing the sensitivity. So, I actually lowered the sensitivity a lot this time. It was really nice of you to give players the option. I am usually okay when I play in  the third person view. I know this is probably too much to ask but it would be nice if players can switch views, first person or third person. I was also curious to see how the girl looked like so it might be interesting to show the character in the third person view. Again, it's just my opinion and many players might just enjoy first person view more when it comes to horror. By the way, I'm glad to see horror games like this. So many horror games include shooting and fighing these days so I'm happy to see Ikai type of stealth and folklore based cultural  horror. Hopefully, Ikai will be released in the next year. :)

Thanks for the demo! I'm curious to see Japanese culture in games. I played it in Japanese but I added English subtitles as much as I could. My feedback for the demo is included in the last few minutes, so please check it out if you are interested. 

I was looking forward to this game after playing My friend is a Raven. I like the artstyle and concept very much. I've always felt uncomfortable living in this positive-justice society in my entire life, so I could make a lot of my own connections with this game. I tried my best to translate this game for my Japanese viewers for my upload. Thanks for letting us play the first chapter for free. I'm looking forward to the full release. Thanks again

Thank you for releasing the copyright claim!

I enjoyed Time Out. I loved the pixel art and the music. The action scene was bit challeinging for me but very fun. I got the copyrright claim but I am not worried about that. Thanks you for reminding us though. I do not know if you would maake more indie games but I am looking forward to more if you will.

Very relaxing and heart warming for me. Thanks. I needed this kind of game. I also began thinking about my grandparents through this game.

Thank you for creating us such a wonderful game. I was going through some difficult days but this game gave me a very relaxing 2 hours of gameplay yesterday. It wasn't a lot but I hope my donation would help you guys develop more amazing games. Sorry for such a poor introduction of Rusy Lake, but I made one to share how wonderful the game was. Thanks again, folks. Stay safe everyone.

I liked the unique art and techno style music. I felt like I was playing an arcade game. It was cool, thanks

I enjoyed the game a lot. I love polygon style art so I just had to play. I'm sure that you get attention from polygon art lovers! Looking forward to seeing the full version. :)

To be honest, I wish I could do more. I enjoyed it but I just wanted to interact with objects. I wanted to know why he slayed the horse.

I fell in love with the art so I decided to purchase th game. It was really beautifully sad. I enjoyed a lot. Because I live far away from my home country, the ending made me think a lot about it.

I just wish I could read the texts little more slowly to be honest. Thanks for the game!

Short and emotional. I love this type of graphics. I'm sure that this story touched some people very deeply. I wish I could interact with more objects within the game to understand the background stories. I just wanted to leave some honest opinions here. Thank you so much. Stay healthy and creative. :)

I really enjoyed. It was a blast. I like the silly idea and animation a lot. I'm looking forward to playing the full release :)

I had the same issue but I purchsed it so I got the email. I could open the file from the link I got through email

I enjoyed the combination of fishing and horror. I liked the retro vibe and ambient sounds throughout the game. I was trying to catch the key for like 30 minutes and realized later that I needed something else lol Anyways, I enjoyed it a lot. I translated into Japanese verbally. Hopefully, more Japanese speakers can appreciate the game. 

I was very confused at the end but it was good confusion.
I love this type of graphics and silly but philosophical idea.
The contrast of the darkness and shadow was beautiful.