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Hello! I am building a turn  based strategy god game. Main focus is on terraforming barren landscape. It has local multiplayer (hotseat) or you can play against AI. 

Check it here Green Crust

Things I would like to do so I would not consider it a prototype

  • More sprites. A lot of sprites are a single color hexagon. So I plan to replace with sprites of deserts, seas, ice caps and etc. Create some transition sprite from tile to abyss so it would all look less flat.
  • Improved AI. At first it might seem ok. But once player gets grasp on gameplay I think it does not give any challenge. There could also be options to make AI start in better position.
  • Some UI style. Currently it is mostly a default Unity UI.
  • More map generator options. Currently there is none.

Other things I am thinking about

  • Online multiplayer. I checked how it is done in Unity and it seems that this might not be as difficult as I first thought it might.
  • Human settlements. It might work if this game would have settlements that show up later in the game. You would not be able to control them directly. Many settlements could spawn in your lands and they would interact with each other. Some events could pop up from time to time and player could either approve it "Bless?" or disapprove it "Curse?" or ignore. And this would be how player could control settlements. If I will do this I will do this a lot later.
  • Ancients with different bonuses. In this game ancient is something that represent old and strong ecosystem. It allows player to capture opponents tiles. Ancients show up if tiles biome does not change for a long time and it disappears if tiles biome changes, Currently they all give one additional mana. It could be that when first ancient shows up then player could select one of few ancients with different bonuses. That will be an ancient that player will play during the game. But that is for later.

What do you think about this game? Maybe you have some suggestions?

Great game, but I at first was confused how to start it. Go button is disabled and game starts when you click one of regroup buttons