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Hi there !

I use (and love!) the Itch app to keep my environment clear. It's easy to download games and as easy do delete them and I can track games that I downloaded so I don't have to remember where I put it or forget to delete it.

It become very handy when you want to try Jams games. But I didn't find an easy way to get the Jam page on the app.

My solution have been to add every game of the Jam I'm looking for in a collection on the website and then access to my collection on the app. But as you can't select several games, you have to add them one by one, it take time.

Is there another way to do it ?
If not, it would be nice to create a collection when a Jam end.


Superpowers ne vient avec aucun système par défaut.
Pour pouvoir créer des jeux, il faut installer le système "game".

C'est facile, 3 étapes

  1. Arrêter son serveur
  2. Sélectionner son serveur et cliquer sur le boutons "Settings" en bas à gauche de l'interface
  3. Selectionner le système "game" et cliquer sur le bouton "Install"

Have fun ;)

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Hi everyone,

I made a Docker image to easely setup and manage your Superpowers servers on local or hosted server and even on Raspberry Pi

You will found all the documentation you need on Github.

The game is pretty fun, but the perspective is horrible