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My personal email is, we can talk from there :)

Não é assim que se passa desse puzzle meu amigo, tente de novo :)

Blockicker is out on steam!!! Buy now with 40% discount!!!

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Blockicker steam page is alive, wishlist NOW!!!

release date: jun/17

Blockicker Launch trailer is OUT!

Awesome feedback, thanks a lot :)

Seems to be awesome, gonna try this out in no time!!!

Your search for royalty free RPG game music is over! 

This pack contais 45 original compositions of the more recurrent RPG song themes, resembling the main RPG series like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Grandia, Shining Force, and many others. 

Why not giving more life to your game right now!!!

Composed by Daniel Noronha ( many contributions of Gabriel Noronha)

You can listen to each track here:

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My new game Blockicker has an indiegogo page live!!!

Consider supporting the game, any contribution will ensure you the game for free when released!

The game link on

Blockicker demo is out!!!

How you would solve this?

A little gameplay! First Stage Clear!

In a quiet night, our hero sleeps after a long day of hard work.

But, abruptly, a mob of evil birds fiercely invaded his house!

Now, our blue hero needs to turn into fire in order to get rid of the nasty birds!

Great Ball of Fire is a platform/ puzzle game developed by Drink Cash, a team of two twin brothers. Daniel Noronha ( design and coding) and Gabriel Noronha ( soundtrack). We live in Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil.

There are 4 worlds with 15 levels each, In each level you need to beat all the birds in the level and collect a key, in order to get out of the room. Picking at least 10 keys is enough to be able to enter the boss room.

Have fun and screw these birds!

New game coming!

I simply loved this game, can't wait to the date release!!!