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the game is WONDERFUL! i liked the feel that im playing sm64 but it's astro playground in ps4 from alternative universe XD.

i played the game and so far i see no bugs and all, but the prototype misses instructions, ive to press esc ky to find it. which is kind of sad, maybe an npc (nvisible or assistant npc) can tell you what you should do, and pls add mouse sensitivity, it was going like way too fast for me.

the rest is good, i liked it! 10/10 (IGN, probably in the future, i guess)

most of the games were not on the stream, maybe, it was so long yt cut short the starting part of the stream

no... we, i mean, YOU, have 1 week. >:)

Here is your first challenge;

Make a game where the enemy, is YOU

You can also take and remake games of other franchises like angry birds as piggies...

Also, the best one of all will be recorded...

Remember, if a person has these record more than others, then they'll be posted as overall in the arena.

If 2 or more people tie up, this post will be ignored

And this record will be chosen... by me. >:)

Good Luck...

and you know that I'll say Don't Die XD

even the games smol, i just say, it is super emotional ;'(


PS: long live the eel

idk, but same, bud

pick a game engine, brainstorm when jam starts, and make a game with all your skills

if there are enemies, if you camouflage, most enemies won't recognise you, ez

thx, i did all my work on the game plus, to relate the theme, and the theme was kinda bot tough, so,  I couldn't make a really good game, but it's ok

now ima live

good game, the narrator, just like me, is absolutely talkative, wish the voice was by an actual human-like than AI, the feel, i meant. Nice music. nice game.

btw, amogus sus 5u55y B^K^ ඞ

nope, that's what i want people to get challenging, (aka TO PEOPLE SUFFER jk)

dude, you made the santa's speed go brrrrrrrrrr

way to fast than my last submission for the d=first scratch jam

sure, and i've played it before, nice game

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Hey, this is StiK. Ima stuck here with doing nothing so,  I decided to stream everyone's games.

IDK whether I may have time, but if I do, I'll stream at Diamond's server (the jam server).

Pls, share the link if needed your game to be played...

Also will be playing my game and criticizing its garbage features lmao

if you've noticed, there is a speed variable that you've suggested long time ago.

And sorry, was just using trackpad :(

yeah, these were also in my mind. I'll add em as soon as I can

surely, why not?

welp, it is a laggy, i think you can fix it by just adding the umm...highest turbo or something? orelse edit the code.

and also, btw flex custom sprite rendering engine using pen
keep the good work up, matey ;)

yup, i think that idea was great for a twisting intro, so, yeah ;)

game's nice. the games also cool.

the one that fascinates me is the menu screen. better than mine



  1. 1. arranged in classes or categories. "a classified catalogue of books"
  2. 2. (of information or documents) designated as officially secret and accessible only to authorized people. "classified information on nuclear experiments"


  1. small advertisements placed in a newspaper and organized into categories

IMA NOT A NERD BTW, just, your friendly neighbourhood Mr.StiK


welp, no words, you are way better than I've seen

great game, cheerio ;)

ok, so, i had made my game in scratch, yes, and the big deal?


MAJOR BUG FIX, 3 of 'em,

IN A WEEK...yes

So, it's a trash game, so, pls sweep up the game.

will you also stream other gaemes?

the gamesamazing, love the art and stuff. i found a tiny bug, just, when you die, the quit doesn't work. but the games' superb, love it <3

looks like he used unity, there's the unity crash handler app, makes a lot of sense 🤷‍♂️

hi, so, i made some major bug fix and a custom counter with wasd and extr controls, so, check em out!

you can post this on the SEA JAM by PolyMars;


they said so, and polymars said it in a video

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Heya, Mr StiK here, I've participated in this jam and also have acquired many skills here,  thx to the host, diamond dev (deeTDM).

I'm pretty sure that this platform can be way better than the last one... I guess...

And also, if any queries, you can contact the host (just sayin')

Keep Scratching,


(unofficial helper lol)

good try. GG

and...I saw the control feeds, I need that exact control, a tiny asteroid spaceship physics, that's why. And thx for the valuable feed ;)