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Sorry, there is no way to turn it of

I just tested playing a turn based battle against someone, it works.

Not abandoned, but does not need any more changes. :)

Great, I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you can drop me a note where to buy that N-E-S

Time to put on your spring boot!

Love the art style! Got the 75!

Best is Suzanne here

I demand the numpad keys to work :)

I am not really sure. It makes some fun on mobile, but it really is a play once game, isn't it? :D

Great game, lots of fun! Very polished!

Looks very polished, great texts! Unfortunately to hard for me to get past the beginning. :D

Yes, seems to be abandoned - I also enjoyed this a lot and it is sad!

Great idea and perfect execution! Love the fitness room. :-)

Cool concept matching the theme! I like how well-polished it feels, and it is really difficult if you try to get all flowers!

Would love to play it in full screen.

Love the animation of the hands and the fun idea! 

You should comment out the HTML reload button in index.html

That was a great journey, hope I'll see the demon again in the future!

Can I submit a setup tool, too?

It's a mushroom soup!

Great music. I missed the motor saw, had a fish instead.

I love the concept, it is really fun. Please add a label showing the time how long I survived!

My suggestion: It is really hard to find good sound effects for a UI that match together as well as offer everything a game needs for a UI (positive button click, negative button click, dialog open/close and so on).

What's the correct way to rate here? I had no ear destruction, does that mean 1 or 5?

I really like the game and commented on the old section.

But there is a real problem: Once your tree began to die, there is no turnaround manageable. If you growed to much, SAP is empty and first leaves were gone, production goes down while consumption stays high. There has to be a way to fix the problem - either by letting branches die to reduce the consumption manually, or automatically by reducing the consumption when the leaves die.

Now I have some sceleton trees on the map, and there is no way to restart the level.

You really should state that somewhere. It took a month for me to find that out, before it looked very random.

The difficulty is that you don't get at the beginning that only the ending of the roots are getting the water. I know, you can see that by the blue circles, but I nevertheless did not get it.

This is really cool. I had some difficulties coming in and understanding the stats. You need a tutorial here, and please let me save to the local storage. I want to save my progress! Even better, when you host your game on Gamejolt you can use their cloud storage!