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Martin Rix

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I have uploaded an update, there are now 24 levels. A few had to be modified to be playable on Playdate

 I had been hoping to have basic accelerometer support and saving of progress in this release, but came across a few bugs as I was testing and had to cut them for now.

An early test version of accelerometer support can be activated by pressing the B button while playing, but you won't be able to interact with items or the exit without using the dpad.

Thank you for your comment! I have started working on porting more levels across from the Android version and hope to have them out by the end of the week. (Some levels will not be possible to port due to size or touch requirements)

As the game was originally designed to be played with an accelerometer, I would love to get that working with the Playdate version as well!

I'm also looking back at my notes as to how I programmed the randomly generated levels to see if it would be possible to add these to the Playdate version as well