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Oops! My bad😅 I should've elaborated more of that in the tutorial stage.

But thank you so much btw for your feedback I truly appreciate it!

Hello, I've checked the level :) There shouldn't be any problem somehow.

• Have you tried pressing Jump + Directional (left or right) button at the same time?

• Try jumping off the ladder just before you reach the top of it.

• What operating system are you currently using? Does the error still persist after reloading the game?

I tried on different browsers it seems working fine, but let me know if the problem is still there so I could check the certain area of the level thoroughly. Thank you!

Thank you! This stage was based on Megaman 4 🙂.

Have you tried jumping off the ladder? I'll try checking on this one. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you I'm glad you liked it 😄

I love Megaman classic games since I was a kid, and I decided to create a fan game with my 8-Bit character which I based Mega Man on.

Boy Agimat Adventures, is a Megaman-style fan game developed in Unity.

It is a megaman game! but of course with a little unique mechanics!

Hope you enjoy the game! Thank you so much everyone!

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Thank you!! 😊