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A member registered Feb 10, 2017

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Posted in Suggestion Box

Hey Dasius! I know you have been working on a new update recently, so I'm super excited about that, I just had a few recommendations for it! I think that there should be milestones in the game as a first. There should also, on some days (like day 10, or 20, for you to decide) you should have attacks, or raids. Something like this: Your asleep and your woken up by a loud sound. You jump out of bed and into your shop, you grab a weapon and go outside. Then you have to fend off the attackers with other village dwellers - I also think you should add people into the game, like ones that live in the village with you. That's all from me. I love your game so far and I can't wait to see future updates. Thank you for creating this game (It's the best one out there!)

Posted in Suggestion Box

Hey! I just played the new version of the game and loved it! Nice work on it! What I'd love to see next is equip-able weapons, and maybe an armour crafting mechanic. I'd also like to see events, like festivals, or attacks and any other cool things that you can think of. Other then that I love the game, you've done a really good job on it!


Posted in Suggestion Box

Wonderful lovely beautiful game, good work. I would recommend having a deep backstory and different types of items - as well as this I think it would be awesome if you had specific orders for a very specific weapon type. For example: "I would like a copper sword, variant 2 with a fancy one hand grip. I would love to see that. But anyway, love the game! Keep up the good work!