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Mitchell Todd

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Font worked super well with my game i just programmed, super clean! check it out over at:


These soundtracks are amazing, so happy to finally find good looping music for unity. Thanks a million! check out my game i used it in over at:

Hey i actually used this again for another project i just coded, check it out over at

Hey amazing pack! i used the ghost in my game that i just made, go check it out at :)

Ah dang! thanks for playing keep grinding that score!

thanks for leaving a comment :)

Thanks for playing !!

thanks for playing

Thank you for the feedback

Thanks for the love and support!! :D

Thanks, glad you liked the game :)!


love the support <3

thanks for taking the time to livestream the submissions, i love when people do that and you get a genuine reaction to the game :)!!

definitely wanted the first levels to be super easy and then add some challenging levels so the user would get a little stumped ;) thanks for playing!

thanks for playing, wish i could of made the game longer but the levels take quite a while

Done be discouraged by the stacking, the game is still amazing!! :)

appreciate it man :)

thanks for playing. making each level definitely took some time

thank you!

Very cool to see where you took the theme on this submission, thinking outside the box I like it! keep up the hard work this game was wonderful!!

i got 72 - amazing

this was neat, never played a "game show" game before and I actually got into it. I sucked at the start but got getter as I played

Poor bruno, he has to keep finding his love... movement felt like he was sliding on ice but the spin on the platformer was nice 

Movement was a bit sketchy and felt like he was on ice but other than that its a neat twist on a platformer, poor bruno keeps getting separated from his love :(

Ping pong is definitely a seeing mans sport, super hard to guess when to hit the ball. Nice work on this game :)!

this got me ragging lolll. super cool how you show if a user was too slow or too fast, made me feel like I wasn't being trolled

reminds me of paper toss btw ;)

Nailed the theme and the game was fun, just needs more challenging levels. Btw love how the user has to start the game and how they can restart it at the end.

cute game :) levels are easy and I would love to see more levels. Very neat idea with starting the game by playing it!

I loved playing this game and i had lots of fun, after playing for a bit though i noticed that you can stack the players and become invisible to all the enemies without having to move, just add some collision and it will be perfect!!

This game is FUN! only thing i would recommend is adding collision to the two players, I could just stack them and I would be invincible to the enemies while protecting both my guys. AMAZING work though, I will keep up with this project :)

Artwork is great and gameplay is clean just worked best visually in fullscreen instead of on the browser page

game worked best in fullscreen and was visually hard to read on the webpage but the overall mechanics of the game worked nicely!!

took me a second to understand what I had to do but after I got the hang of it I enjoyed the game, Nice work! Fullscreen was ideal to play in

this is one of my favourite entries to this jam! When I reached the end I was hoping for more levels because I really thought that game mechanic was super neat. Nice work!!

i love this sporty game, this makes maddens football games look bad ;) great work, fun game !!

Sound was a little bugged but the gameplay was nice and clean. This is a game that stood out for its uniqueness. Keep up the hard work

sound is a little wonky but the game itself is nice, very unique. Keep up the hard work!