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If you feel the need to discontinue it, that's up to you really should you do so keep your story/narrative for it written down as you may find

a more capable engine to work with and pickup.  

soild game ... installation seemed at little iffy 'good thing im tech savvy' but all n all it was pretty neat.

totally, I'll give it jam. thank's for letting me know.

i'll be finishing this game off next.

Im humbled.

I tend to veer away from game's akin to these due to being terrible at flushing out characters and writing  a solid story.

built as more of an interactive PSA, hopefully with minimal bug's.

your welcome, and thanks again.

blitz 3d user here, gotta say nicely done

with a few techniques, coding and art alchemy blitz 3d can do some pretty interesting things.

check it out ...

all and all if you need a hand let me know .... im cool with it.