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This is so cute and funny! I only got one ending so far (and trying to get past the last car in the bonus room), but I definitely want to replay and find any secrets I missed, along with the other ending. I love the character designs and story! The ending was really funny, but... the risk was worth it!

This was really entertaining! I liked being able to run away, turn around and just shoot the monsters dead. I did keep missing my jumps, but after a few tries I nailed it! I really like the atmosphere and the graphics are gorgeous! Splendid game.

oh my god I'm so obsessed with this. The art and awhhsdhsj Kobeni and Denji XD I love that Kobeni is crying while busting moves. I really freaking love this game. Excited to see more developments and songs!

I played this about two years ago but now I played it again to get all the endings! Still super fun.

level 9 dogs are.. a whole new breed, huh. extreme ethical dilemmas are present in this one! pawfect game :)

Played the entire game and got every ending/CG! This was so cute holy crap. I literally fell in love with everyone. I love headstrong main characters that take initiative! This was so refreshing. Definitely one of my favourites of the year.

I like this so far! The music is chill and mellow, the art is so pretty (including the bedroom background :0), and I like how within the brief few minutes of gameplay we get, we still get a feel for the characters. I'm excited to see progress on this game, because so far it's looking really good :D

I'm gonna start begging my mom to get this for me, don't you worry >:) I need to see Olive's cutie patootie face again hahaha. I love this series with all my heart :P

No sorry :( That's still a mystery to me. But if you convert it into a PDF and put it in Google drive, it has a cool picture of DARK winking and the numbers 3141 :D I don't know what it means at all lol

I installed this game last year and played it briefly, but today I came back to it and finished it! There were so many moments where I actually felt tears in my eyes because I got so emotionally attached to the characters haha. The graphics, story, fight sequences, sound design, everything is just to die for. I'm seriously obsessed with this and I'm really looking forward to updates in the future. This story is really incredible.

I'm five years late, but I loved this game! I adore it when games take place during the Prohibition, because it showcases a different style of life and all sorts of cool slang. Getting all the endings took a little while, but it was so worth it. Some endings almost had me crying - of either joy or sadness, I should add. The personality dynamics between the characters were so well written, and I swear I'm in love with Viv haha! Incredible game :D

This game was really incredible. First of all, the art?! Absolutely gorgeous! The sound design and music were perfect for this entire game. The characters and especially the MC felt so real. I really felt the anxiety and lack of acceptance. I loved how we were able to discover things on our own and later on realize that everything is okay. This game is amazing.

Such a cute game! I loved the fluff and the soft artstyle is so comforting. the colours, aesthetic, and the sound design were great. This was a really sweet and comforting game, and I'm super exciting to see more from it.

This was a really cool game! The graphics were stunning, and I loved looking at the trees in the background while running. The puzzles weren't extremely difficult, and running from the wolf was thrilling (in a good way!) I liked that it was a side-scroller, since it just fit the overall aesthetic. My only complaint is that the cave is a bit too long and boring to make your way through, but that's very minor and doesn't harm the good of the game overall. The story itself was also a nice twist, as it extends on the original while maintaining its own uniqueness. Super awesome!

This was really cool! I liked the style of the art and game, and the story was interesting. Really awesome :D

Ah yes! I installed using the itch app, so it took the original release. I loaded my saves into the patched one and saw the ending. I rated your game, too! It was a really enjoyable play :D

This was uber cute! I love the art, the characters, and all the interactions! This is great for a demo, and I'm super excited to see more in the future. I really love these shoujo-like visual novels. This is definitely going in my top favourites!

I finally beat the game. It was really awesome, and I'm excited to see the prototype become refined. It was a lot of fun trying to get around the map and solve puzzles, and the wall clues were genius.

This is a really cool game! I beat Sumireko, but right after, the screen turns black. Nothing else happens and I can still move around, but the only way for it to come back to light if it I fight one of the wisps by travelling straight down. I've beaten Sumireko three times, but nothing's happen. Is there a bug? Still really love the game. It has a great atmosphere and it's fun to play :)

This was a really nice game. I'm quite fond of platformers in general, but I really like how this game utilized the double jump as being a necessity to solve puzzles. Really fun!

Really gorgeous art first of all! I liked the concept of collecting just enough (and not more) hearts while progressing. A little difficulty I had while playing was trying to jump to platforms beneath me, since they were right on the edge of the screen and you can't see them while jumping. Other than that, this is a good game!

This was cute and fun. I liked the concept of using cards to progress the dialogue and story. I also liked the different personalities of all of the characters! Would be awesome if it were longer :)

This was really cool! The puzzles weren't too hard after you figured out the headlines, and the ending shocked me (in a good way, of course :P) Nice game!

"I will not stress endlessly,
Lost in the moment,
My words have no meaning,
This doesn't need to be good."

There has never been a bigger mood than this before haha.

I really liked this game! I found it fun to find clues and put the pieces together, especially with the handy phone! The time loss idea felt smart for maintaining game balance. I'm excited to see what comes next for this game series!

and suddenly I have all their idol merch, pink, purple, and blue glowsticks, and a memorized idol dance for whenever I see them.

This was a really interesting game! I really liked how every character had a distinct personality and you could choose your answers tailored to the type of person they want. The graphics were also really beautiful! Great game.

For having such a cute art style, this game really handled some intense issues (very well too)! I especially liked the good ending as it showed some light for hope in the future. Also, the voices were adorable :P

AHHH THAT WAS ADORABLE. It was a short experience, but it was so fluffy and heartwarming! I love these types of VNs. The CGs were so beautiful too, and I love how Iyo and Atom contrasted, the former being very puppy-like and the latter having a hot-and-cold attitude. I loved it so much!

Looks great so far! I love the art and the puzzles weren't too challenging, though I did have to refer to the in game walkthrough for some steps.

I loved it! I went through every choice, and all the dialogue was so entertaining. Even for a short game, this was so much fun!

there are two persistent files you need to delete! The one in your normal saves folder (found in the folder for the game itself) and the one in RenPy. If you loaded the game again, you'll have to delete them both again (including any saves you may have made).

that's the file address! To reach it, (if you're using the itch program on your computer), open the files of the game, look at the file address you're currently on and click Roaming. Then scroll and look for the folder called RenPy, and then find the folder with lightsoffgame in the title. Your saves and persistent file should be there!

What a gorgeous experience. I really loved this game. It was short, but very sweet. I thought the end was going to sad, but it was a nice surprise. Would be cool to see this as a full game!

thank you! I finally got it! I kept choosing the pants instead, so that got me messed up haha. Really cute game. The endings were all funny.

I've gotten all endings except the warmest outfit! I'm struggling... But very cute game! I really like the dialogue and how awkward Lottie is. Can relate!

That was incredible! I enjoyed playing it so much and I laughed throughout the entire experience. For only two weeks, you sure packed in a lot of fun! Amazing game.

This was awesome! I really liked playing this even if I suck at platformers. Good thing I'm very (v e r y) patient with myself bahaha. Really cute design! I like how you can switch between characters, and it wasn't too hard to play (again, coming form someone who sucks at these types of games). Really amazing!

The "bad" endings? Which of those have you gotten so far? It's been over two weeks since I played the game, so my memory is a bit foggy about the endings

Awesome!! Thanks