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that is sad news I own all your games on Steam I even added them to my short list of own on steam list.

from talking to other game developers and content creators that sell on Steam and other websites and  Itch the devs get a bigger cut of the sales on Itch

when released on Steam I will buy it there and add it to my short list of games I own on here and Steam cannot wait to add it to my Steam library

I see a whole list of new stuff but it is all patreon stuff why even bother saying there is a update when only the patreon version has them

I first got it on steam and let them know I add it to my "own on steam collection" and was offered a free copy on here turned it down and when I had some money to spare I bought a copy  on here to show them some love

please do not buy this it will not export there is no demo like it says on the page so I had no clue there was a comment saying it was not exporting Game Dev Assets replied saying it was fixed but it was never fixed and there is no getting a refund back I am going to report the creator to for scamming 

you could never alter Naomi's body just change her clothing besides tattoos the paid version is still in the alpha if you want more play the preview public build the none public preview version is the game itself and has to be coded from scratch the old code would not work so it will take some time before there is more add to it has a PayPal option when buying off their website so if you do not see it then it is a regional thing, not I live in the US

the paid version is being completely redone almost from scratch so a lot of the code used in the demo does not work in the new version and there is male customization you click on the dress-up icon aka the hanger on the bottom right corner between  'next chapter' and 'do nothing' and click on the name you picked for your self to change the look of the male there is not a lot you can change but there is something 

I am good but thank you just wish there were more clothing options for the male 

I got it on steam before knowing about it being on here or I would have got it on here instead so you would have gotten a bigger cut

you can DM me on Twitter or I will not post my e-mail on here so every one in the world can see it 

after purchasing your  Premium Pack and there is no download for it I have requested for a refund of my money

I am patiently waiting for the steam release so I can also buy it on steam but till then I already own it on here so I can play it 

i had to download from the itch website it would not let me download with the launcher it said wrong type of zip the itch launcher will tell me if there is a update so no need to open the browser and check if there is a update and i know the save file will automatically be there all Renpy saves are saved in game folder and in .app folder but my saves where from the version on F95 and when i clicked on it it popped up the error window saying a bunch of script errors 

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I tried to download it through the itch launcher and it says invalid zip file I wanted to use the itch launcher so I did not have to redownload it and keep checking on here or on F95 for updates and I found out I can not use the same save as the version on F95

pay for this beautiful pack get charged but did not get it

and got a refund. :(

strick 1

pay for this beautiful pack get charged but did not get it

and got a refund. :(

strick 2

pay for this beautiful pack get charged but got it this time i got it :)


the 3rd time was the charm I am so happy

I got the money back I am going to try again I really want this beautiful background pack I hope I get the 3rd times the charm 

this wonderful and beautiful background pack is cursed for me I will never get this beautiful background pack so after buying other assets over the past week and had no problem paid and got what I paid for but not this I paid got charged by itch but never got it again I sent them an e-mail telling them this time I do not want the money back I want this beautiful background pack well I hope they just give me the background pack instead of a refund but if I do get a refund I will try again and hope the 3rd time is a charm and not stick out and get charged and not get the background pack  

if you join the discord server you will know the creator post updates there on what is going on 

I am sad to say they gave me my money back instead of your beautiful backgrounds

I got an automated response it said to reply with a comment and I said I would like the product more then the money 

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I liked your background so I thought I would buy them charged me for them but I never got a download link and it was not added to my collection I e-mailed them about it if I do not get a reply in 24 hours I will be seeking legal advice to get my money back and you will be out of $15 and I will not get those beautiful backgrounds you made :(

take all the time you want take a year if you want Episode 10 was short and felt like you was rushed to complete it

start a new game before leaving your room go to computer in your room click on notepad and pen icon and type the code truestory and press enter and as kali story progress hers will will too  as of the newest game version her events are unlocked as kali are unlocked

a pro tip after a big update it is best to start a new game cause stuff can be add that you will miss  

go to computer in your room click on notepad and pen icon and type the code truestory and press enter