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Yes, something like that...Can you give me mail or skype or something so we can comunicate? I will give you GDD and documents for game so we can start

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Hi, you have interesting style, I like it.
Game will be in 3d. We have a modeler guy that will do 3d art, but we will need some 2d art to make game appearance richer. Can you do some 2d art like paintings that will hang on the wall of the house, posters on the street, that kind of stuff? Let me know if you are interested :)

I would really like my NPCs in game to have AI. It is core gameplay actually, but I do not have time to implement it on my own. Can I just use asset for it? Is it in spirit of the jam?


Me and my team are in need of someone who wants to do art for top down game about stealth spy. I there is someone interested let me know. We are trying to do it for spy jam

Love the community. Thanks!

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My art capabilities are super lame. I will excessively search for someone in next 2 days, we will see. what happens.

Thanks, I like the jam, the subject have potential.

I doubt I will work on it if I do not find artist, though :(

Hello I have idea for a spy game for a while now. I am programmer and looking for artist who want to team up. To cross our creativities and make something nice in this month :)

Of course anyone non artist is welcome too :)

I have not started yet, I am thinking to start in day or two.

Let's make some game!

It work now!

It is very difficult to drive, however. Keep up.

That would be awesome. Tnx!

I like this game look but can not start it on Windows 7. It just crashes after Unity splash screen. I would like to try this game.

Ok, thanks for response!

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Can manual be online, divided in sections and when you finish a level - the game opens page that describes where are you now with needed instructions of player's current state. Is it ok to make that kind of 'interactive' manual?