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I love where this game is going. Such a great job! And Sam is something else! I loved the Santino scenes too, and the inherent cynicism!

How much sex is lots of sex for Last Elysium?

I'll keep "We are gay/ We are really really really really gay" in my mind for a looooong time. Good detail with the flags!

Hi, just loved what is already published. Is there a date for future updates?

Happy that you're out and about! Great update!

I just love this game and can't wait to the next update!

P and Storm are really living interesting times. There will be the possibility to go back to the Hinterlands? I'm mostly worried about a supernatural or another event.

I can't help but be suspish of the purescales. Great job, as usual!

Well, I must say, more often than not, I could put the Storm and P story in northeast states. I'm not, by any means, saying that coronelismo happens only on northeast, (and not even under torture I would say any family names), but that's a thing. In southeast, Rio would be the most probable place to put, even knowing way too well where it happens. And I'm loving every single second of the history.

I'm so in love with this game! An honest and well drawn story, compelling and funny. Keep the good work!

Is it dead?

Oh, you have no idea the future the past projected on us. Flying skates, space travels, serial cloning, back in the day the future was amazing. They were so optimistic. We should have replicants, androids, hiper advanced murderous AI, limb replacements, aliens. Such a life.

Well, as I said before, this is a high quality material. So I can wait for it, since I believe plenty that you people will keep the good work. (And could be funny throw the brazilian versions of the Chupacabra and Chupacu de Goianinha. Rsrsrs)

I almost want to make Cole my sub and give him to Rydick in a voyeuristic bull scene.

Oh, yeah. CBT and maledom included. <3 <3

Short tempered (and the only male) crystal gem bovo.

Isn't it? Hope he'll be romanceable in future builds. Or at least join the gang.

*Spoiler Alert*

Well, is a good game, I wouldn't dare say otherwise, but I strongly disagree with the way Diego-Kyrex developed. 

Well, since the quality will be kept (and, I hope, the saves), I can wait longer. This is a really well made game.

And that will add a whole new pantheon and related animals. Since the bull that is the alternative form of Yansa, from brazilian candomble, to the white serpent of Damballa, from haitian vaudou. 

Best luck, hope things turn for the best.

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Yep. Every time. I just gave up after the fourth time and preferred to keep the peep show as my main venue.

Ty. I'll be waiting, because this game is amazing!

There's a tiny problem in the movie stodio. After I do the first movie, the game freezes in a white screen and there's absolutely no way out. Am I doing something wrong or is something with the game?

*Mild spoilers*

I've got stuck with the panther. I guess I followed the dom path, and now when I find him in the morning he just dismisses me, and I still can't seem to finish the quest at all. Advices?

I won't even say about how expensive this may be in another parts of the world, like Latin America as a whole.

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Ok, the game is funny, there is potential, but the boulder. The [insert all curses you're comfortable with] boulder is just blocking any kind of development. The game is dead, or there will be any update in the near future?