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good fun but very easy

beat the game with all 3 characters. The one that can move through the vents is easily the best. as the map is designed to accomodate them. however the other characters have not had the map designed around them, and thus suffer.

how can you even be this stupid


why. not.

The sharp acceleration curve certainly helps but when the player first starts It needs to snap up to a minimum speed. The acceleration is great at higher speeds but I don't think the player really needs to walk that slow at the start of the run.

The spin dash and other acceleration methods can help to make the levels flow better and reward skillful play for knowing when to use them and having the risk-reward of burst speed. The drill dive helps but if there are no slopes around or slopes are in awkward places for speed it can be a trouble to use. I feel the Drill dive is a tool to help retain momentum in situations when you need to move directly down, perhaps from a standstill. I see it more as a momentum preserving move rather than momentum gaining. as you are unlikely to use it from standstill.

From standstill the most effective way to get going is to run the opposite direction then mach turn as it gives you a massive boost in speed for some reason

Feels very slow, Here's some tips for momentum based games:

1. add a minimum speed to the characters, or make them accelerate very fast at the start of running. This stops it feeling sluggish when you need to start running

2. Speed. Barriers. When the characters transition from normal to fast speeds (when the characters are able to break metal), The characters should jump up in speed to make the transition feel more impactful

3. Just general fluidity of motion, the characters currently feel very jerky which can be bad for momentum based games. Some jerkiness can be had to emphasize an action but fluidity is generally better

4. Acceleration. The characters need some way to accelerate quickly. this would be the spin dash in sonic or the grab dash in pizza tower. This can help to Make the player feel faster and more in control.

Hope this mini-essay of mine helped at all!

beat the game in 9:11

power drainage is so jank uugh


ball is very slow :(

hell yeah congrats on ur second game

same, It's very fun

try beating every level without the gun, the only impossible one is the one where the 4 guys are on glass but the rest are possible with some strategy

I beat every level in the game without shooting, except the "shoot the glass under them" one. the timer is extremely forgiving once you know what you're doing

{"version":2,"data":"-1,0,0,0,n|-1,-1,2,0,n|0,0,0,1,n|1,0,0,1,n|-2,-1,1,1,n|-1,-2,2,0,n|-1,-3,3,0,n|2,-2,0,1,n|3,-2,0,1,n|"} simple puzzle



Game theory analysis:

Stalematey mess.

As white moves their pieces first, they will always take the first black piece, this is simple with rooks or queens but with pawns, this is actually more complex, as they cannot simply cross the whole board, this can cause stalling from black, this may result in a stalemate. The next person to move their pawn loses the match as the cascade of lost material ends in defeat.

100/10  nice

I got 10 hearts left over I'm living good


cool, I guess



best game

I gave up because it was so boring, seriously, not hard

Did you make the sprites yourself? because they look amazing. Try making a unique version.

box setup

It's not really that hard, the boxes actively make it more difficult until you unlock the nuke, at which point you just duke the enemies for 20 seconds or so and then nuke them all. wave 45 at the moment. I have over $8000.

increase air acceleration in the jump menu

try making your own take on the franchise with unique animatronics and mechanics.

Gdevelop gang

tbh yeah you do have to move even slower than the current speed but it feels right with higher speeds 

I finally beat it. tbh the hardest part was the soul section

the soul just doesn't move fast enough

I think the charting gave me cancer

you could still hear anything? for me it was just heart monitor noise