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For Backgrounds you can only use this 4 colors.


The most shiny green is for transparency on sprites. In that case you can only use this other 4 colors.


Ok, now it's showing. I'm guessing I was missing the thumbnail and waiting a couple of days after that. Now the post is showing on the search results.

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I'm fairly new to posting in ItchIO I am not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what, but I recently published a Palette that I made for Aseprite. However when I search on ItchIO for it, it doesn't show in the results.
What am I missing? Did I forget to add something so it shows in the results or what?

I read the Guidelines and I think I meet all the described conditions, but still don't see the page showing in the results.

I'm guessing that maybe it's waiting for manual approval? 

Also, I added a cover image recently, didn't know that was a requirement.

PS: This is the link to the published palette.

Really nice game, very challenging. I love the atmosphere you created.

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Looks like it's working on Chrome. But on Firefox all I get is "Indirect call to null" Console shows.

indirect call to null index.html:247:13    displayFailureNotice

PD: Funny enough, after posting this, if I click on this link that generated by posting the error, the game runs :P Weird.

PS: In Firefox the game throws an error saying "Indirect call to null" (It works on Chrome)

Nice games and graphics, but couldn't play it too much, Didn't like the controls, having to use the E for pickup while using WASD to move around is just a bit weird, and using the arrows and E , shift and spacebar wasn't good neither.

Interesting game. Didn't like the controls too much. I would like it better if you control de robot as to where he is facing and not his location on the scene, forward should be forward to where he is facing, that would make it easier.
Also I like the graphics style. Do you happen to know if this style has a name? Love how smooth it is.

Really nice game. Love the mechanics of it. Didn't mind the music at all, some sound effects would have been better. Thanks for adding a mute button for the music, that's always welcome. Great work.

The explanation on why that happens is on his videos, and even the fix, but I guess this version isn't updated.

Ohh ok. Yes I was watching some videos about GB Studio. Looks really interesting and it's interesting the things that can be done with it, but also know the limitations, that for sure restrict what can be done under certain circumstances.

Hey really nice game and story behind it. Nice to see how you go unlocking different sections and progress with new clues. Just few things, at the end it says "Concrats" instead of "Congrats"
Also, some scenes when you talking to the different persons it would be nicer is they close once you get to the end, sometimes if you press de A button, you have to read it all over again. Or maybe have the dialogs listening for some B press to exit of them.
On the basement, even after moving the boxes around, there are some hitboxes that stop you from moving freely. And some sequences repeat, like even when you have the comic book in inventory if you go to the cellar the book is there once again and you can replay all that, same with the dog and the T-Bone. Few minor details to polish I guess.

Nice game and art style. I just would like he didn't die, or at least not so fast.

Can't exit the options without getting this error

I like the idea. Needs a way to turn down/off the music, it's annoying after a while. Stuck on X level :P not sure how to solve it.
Nice work