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I guess the problem was Firefox. I'm trying now on chrome and it works. Thanks a lot.
I like the game and it's really challenging, a bit confusing to get use to the mechanics but once you figure that out the challenge is there.
I don't know why at some points, even when 1 of the bunnies is still alive, the Game over gets called.

Nice game and art style. I just would like he didn't die, or at least not so fast.

Can't exit the options without getting this error

Whenever I click Run Game the page goes black and nothing else happens, even after waiting a while.

I like the overall idea and the style. Would be nice to have a way to mute the music. Waypoints would also be nice. Great work.

I like the idea. Needs a way to turn down/off the music, it's annoying after a while. Stuck on X level :P not sure how to solve it.
Nice work