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might of not been the best game on ur stream XD, but i apricate the time. thank you!

I think you should add some more vanilla friendly characters, the parrot was so good as an addition. would love to see more! what about a nerdy crocodile?

vry pog game, keepit up man :)

haha, all the ppl in the game are the ppl that worked on the project w/ me  XD. Once the ratings over im defo gonna make a patch to fix for next week, shame we cant edit them now :((

thought it was pretty good! i like how u navigate, very unique take. only thing i would say is the audio cuts out a little, other than that good job

felt like fucking blade runner XD. good game man

for 2 seconds i seeced to exist. jsut poof


it was very poggers

I even rage quit a few times

good job!

More Funky Charecters!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to improve on that in the future, personally i feel the guns could have some more kick and fluidity to match better with the movement. but thanks for playing still! did you find the purple crystal?

note for some reason it says i worked in a team but i put NO, however my dumbass put yes.

check recent ^

So I have made a recent version that has the correct 64 x 64 (soz about that) however i liked the original 1 so i still kept it up as well as the new patch version titled (64x64).

Il have a lookie when i get back from my trip, thank you!!!

ik since i did parallel universes but its too meany

restrict it to one is what im saying and make the text a little larger

Nope everything is in order, the file just does not appear on the page.

So im trying to upload my game file (.zip) but everytime i save the page and check my game page out, it says there are no downloads available.

Thank you, its still a work in progress though

Thanks man

pretty cool, however would like to see a controls or a hint or what the inputs are

DRUNK CHILDREN, dam should of had that for the backstory

fairs, we have had issues with the collisions, but the camera spazzing out when you hit a object was something we mentioned in the post as the one obstacle u need to avoid. If we had more time it would be a lot more polished believe me XD.

Rate! but now i need a pot noodle

First GameJam with the lads!!!

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Plz play and have fun, its my first game and its w/ the lads!!! visit for more info