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Cool! Congratulations, I waiting some else more games yours! <3 Greetings from Brazil:

Estamos nessa grande! Não há de quê. Mereces, grande!

Congratulations I had a fun minutes ago:


Outro brazuka!!! Cara, já vou me inscrever no seu canal, brother! Legal!

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Yes. It is. Is this Chroma Keying is good? I use rarely as second rec when OBS not works that Kazam recorder. Thanks to reply, dude. Congrats by the video, awesome like ever. :)

Wonderful poem, friend developer. Congratulations for this. It's true, we every time wish the divine grant our great wishes. But never think in wish a good and simple thing: Keep up living and gathering with our divines and come back tomorrow to just hear and thankful it. Might I rec this game? Sorry about my poor english. :)

Yes I use the OBS, QueenFaith2020. I like that. But some games (rare) this one non works. Second recorder (in urgency case) is Kazam. Thank you reply to me. OBS in linux debians (ubuntu is mine) comes gathering. Nice to see you and talk to you, friend! :D

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I heard you say: "I couldn't record this game in OBS. I prefer OBS than other else (I forgot the name)." Yes this game didn't record in OBS too. Thanks, dude. :) Sorry I barely use english just translation games to portuguese. hehehe

Hello, miss QueenFaith2020. Might ask something to you? Hey, it's serious this game crashes to OBS-Studio? So yes. May you recommend some recorder else? Sorry by poor english. Nice to review you.

@Neco The Sergal, listen. I would record in OBS! Serious, buddy!? This game crashes on OBS-Studio? Oh, man! ...

I loved to do this game, buddy! I waiting once else games developed by you! :)

Eu nem baixo games que colocam em  versão"linux", 14 BisStudio, até porque falar linux é como dizer em DOS ou BIOS, tem muitos sistemas operacionais Kernel-Linux, o meu é Ubuntu(derivado de Debian[.deb pack]). Os caras botam linux e apenas um rodou no meu, se fazem em Red Hat e colocam como para "linux", não roda nativamente no meu pois Red Hat é .yum, se é ArchLinux também, não roda nos demais "Linux", porque é pacotes incompatíveis(.pacman). Mas se fazes duas versões de Windows x86 e x64, o x86(32bits) rodam por wine em todos o linux. :)

Eu joguei em Linux(Ubuntu), ar7hur1no. Rode-o pelo wine. Versão x86(32bits) todos rodam em Wine, cara. Gravei até, está logo ali embaixo. Winehq aqui -

Run in linux Ubuntu:

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If the game is in x86(32bits) we can play it in Wine(windows emulator). I hope for it. I prefer download win32 than that "linux" version because linux is Kernel( a sort of BIOS to Microsoft), and these developer just put on "Linux", but have many type of "linux". To example, that my is Ubuntu(debian derivative) . deb, however have many others "linux", have Red Hat derivative(Fedora, CentOS and etc.) using .yum, have some ArchLinux another one linux using . pacman packs and etc. Here devs input "linux" version as generic wrong source. Exist a lot of "linux" core Kernel.I had gotten ONE TIME only a capable "linux" game works in my Ubuntu. After that nonetheless others runs properly. Never mind, to me if is in 32bits(x86) I run in winehq.

Aqui, grande, desculpe-me o equívo no nome. Mas consertei na descrição do vídeo. :) Obrigado pelo ótima experiência. 

José Victor Della Flor, adorei seu jogo, mereces um Green Light em breve. Meus parabéns! Terminei aqui, agora vou gravar e venho te mostrar, espero que gostes. Meu canal é bem pequeno, mas deixarei todas as descrições e também  em tela sua obra, autoria e contato Muito obrigado grande! Belo game, uma vez mais, meus parabéns! Sucessos, já seguindo aqui. <3 Já subo o vídeo, vamos divulgar sim, vou até sugerir a outro camarada que produz matéria de games. <3 

Cara, és brasileiro? Português? É que quero fazer um vídeo de seu game, parece-me Inside. Então se fores brasileiro, gostaria de colocar na entrada e final do vídeo "Made In Brazil". Caso contrário, menciono antes de jogar. ;) Logo venho aqui com vídeo. Já mandei 5 de 5 estrelas. Parabéns!

Hum, it is good vision about SCP-1437, thanks for have been created and shared it with us. Sorry my english. I done a brazilian portuguese video. Here it goes:

Nice dude.  Good job! I would suggest you, in my humble knowledge, for you input in new version some trap in this scp-1499. That report story you know? I would love fell in this trip(laughing). Image on: "Man, I get this mask, maybe I will use that later..." hahahaha So I would fell in the scp-1499 pocket dimension, and I would need flee and sneak to portal to "take off" the mask and return in same mask room but avoiding yet the scp-106. Think about it. Thanks to available this awesome project and I wish for you a great successful.

Hum, cool. What does works the gas mask? I meant - when we put the mask we gonna to another place, some nowhere dimension, and we pull off mask we restart the game. I wonder what the mask to do? Does mask used for pocket dimension? I really don't understand that mask. Oh, okay. That mask is another SCP, alright. I guess that I understood. That is a trap, is not that? Cool, right. I will make a short video. Congratulations, this survival-escape horror is good, mostly knowing that was made in 2 days only. Sorry my bad english.

Thanks buddy, I'll make a playlist with some of your game. Congratulations, great conception:

Very cool game. Congrats, keep up making good games. Portuguese-Brazil display, I'll make gameplay parts.

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Congratulations, good game. Probably I'll try finish it. My "Knowing the game". Portuguese - Brazil. Your game is in this playlist:

I need ask thanks to you, I loved your project work. Do keep up more cool games! I wish for you much more successful. <3

I liked it. I'll keep playing and record until end. Here I just show the game as game acknowledge. Congratulations, it is very simple but effective enjoyable. Thanks for this game.

Portuguese - Brazil:

Cool, my intention is finish it, if it has a finish. Well this here is my first attempting. Congratulations, I liked a lot this game. The atmosphere is spooky and the creature lurking and sneak after us is scare us. Good job.  I shall do others "attempting"(parts). I cut some texts to give who watch the video play itself. Thanks for this good game. I should keep playing and recording it. That gameplay is in portuguese(Br).

Cool immersive art. Language: Portuguese-Brazil.

Man, congrats, your game is cool. The single sorrow is the sound and music effects didn't appear to me. But the game at all was great. :D

Just extract and run the game. If your architecture is x86(32 bits) because this game was made to this computer processor. If your computer is x64, perhaps you couldn't runs that game.

Good conception. <3

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Good trip. Yeah, good immersive art.

Sorry my real language is portuguese:

Guys, did you know I gone 15 years ago, when I was young(24) in same place called "Plataforma Rock Bar", I did put in description that place. Cool, thanks for this good experience(Language: Portuguese-Brazil):

Part 1, in portuguese(Br), I shall make a playlist to your studio, Modus Interactive Playlist. ;)

Creepy and great. Thanks to this awesome short experience :D

Very creepy and amazing game! In portuguese:

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I did appreciate a lot. So I did make a second attempting. Hey, I wonder, - If I come back, the other doors could reveals another stuffs inside them; couldn't?