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If the game is in x86(32bits) we can play it in Wine(windows emulator). I hope for it. I prefer download win32 than that "linux" version because linux is Kernel( a sort of BIOS to Microsoft), and these developer just put on "Linux", but have many type of "linux". To example, that my is Ubuntu(debian derivative) . deb, however have many others "linux", have Red Hat derivative(Fedora, CentOS and etc.) using .yum, have some ArchLinux another one linux using . pacman packs and etc. Here devs input "linux" version as generic wrong source. Exist a lot of "linux" core Kernel.I had gotten ONE TIME only a capable "linux" game works in my Ubuntu. After that nonetheless others runs properly. Never mind, to me if is in 32bits(x86) I run in winehq.