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oh ok, thanks :)

I still really love this game but are you still updating?

OMG! I GOT IT! I JUST HAD TO DELETE THE FILE THATS LITTERALLY CALLED SAVE LOL! (this was one of my first ideas but I only had two things and would have to buy a hole nother game if I did it rong so I only did it now) now I just have to hope it dose still save the rest lol

anyway, what I need to do is delete the data/ saves for the game to restart (I think)...

I completely broke it and can't run the game but this was one of my favorite games so I'm pretty disappointed especially I re-got the game and fond out it's no longer free so I BOUGHT it to find out it keeps me at the same problem because it doesn't restart your game it makes you at the same point so it just quits when ever I open it as I'm falling off the map, also, yes I've tried the restart buttons many times and it doesn't work

do you have like a discord or something cause I really need help

So with backspace you can restart the level instantly with out exiting the game, relaunching the game, re-choosing your character, reloading into the game and finally playing so you can practice (also if you want to redo the cups falling on you you can press backspace in the loading screen after choosing a character lol). and here comes the fun part, with p you can spawn infinite presents that would be on the level, sometimes you even get ammo boxes, also...It always has free xp boxes meaning... Infinite enemy's in one room... heheheheHEHEHEHEHE!!!

god, I've been going around just saying this to everyone lol

you probably already deleted that but I would recommend just replacing the files in destination and keeping the original game incase you want to go back later cause you can't download older versions of the game and reasons you may want to come back is if your file corrupts when you update sometime and you have to redo your HOLE game or if you want old things like the backspace or p key sort of like in Minecraft you can only go back so far but people who got the game in 2012 and saved the old updates can go back to see the farlands.

also for anyone with the older version of the game who downloaded it rite as it came out you can switch to that version of the game and press backspace and p *wink* *wink* witch is something I still hope they add back even you you have to complete the hole game to were you get minimum wage 25...


idk if your talking to me or the developer but if your talking to me that was my original idea but I don't know how...

well ya but then it makes your screen smaller until it's unplayable

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! you need to add the p and backspace buttons back, maybe you should make it so you have to beat the game and unlock all the characters/ money amount things but you can't not have it or at least make it so you can download the older version of the game!

I love you people! Also you should make an update for slower computers like a 2d setting witch I know would be VERRY hard to make but at least like a downgrade like in most games were if you turn down the graphics all the way its like four of your pixels merged to make one pixel. Because I have an OK computer you know, like an average new windows 10 laptop and it runs very slow or laggy even though it's easy to ignore once you get used to it... And I know your are going to I think but this isn't even version 1.0 yet but still that should be in one of your big like somewhere in 90% of 1% or it should be rite at the beginning in like the next update or what I am assuming your going to do is slowly work on it releasing like 1 more graphics setting in like 2 or 3 more updates depending on how much time it takes to make updates if you are like steam with one every second or like minecraft were ones supposed to come out every year but the last two things still haven't come out...

YoU nEeD tO mAkE mOrE oR eLs  

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