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Mr. Buckle

A member registered Apr 10, 2018

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While a bit short, I really enjoyed this one. Had an awesome feeling of tension and those demonic voices really get to me. The atmosphere you got going with the lighting feels fantastic, keep up the awesome work!

Great nostalgic concept, fantastic execution! We also discovered the music stopping bug, but irregardless had a great time. Looking forward to the other songs being added, are you considering any other hazzards? I can see it getting crazy fun.

Graphics are great, Music is great, gameplay is light and fun. Big thumbs up!

This was super cute! It started off with just a cacophony of noise as I was learning the mechanics, but became semi-coherent as I got a handle of it while still making all sorts of mistakes. Really fun and imaginative.

That sounds sick, hidden passageways requiring cool platforming tricks are always a ton of fun. 

Damn, well I'll definitely be on the lookout for more stuff from you guys. Keep up the awesome work!

I absolutely adore the movement in this game, feels really good, especially in the open layout later secions!

 You guys planning on expanding it at all?

I enjoyed the game play concept, always been a platform junkie. Using your dead bodies as safe passage was a nice twist as well. 

However the jumping sound effect got really grating to my ears, and seeing how its a platformer you do jump quite a bit.

As for the meta aspect, Maryo wrestling control from you was a nice touch, but sometimes those sections felt like they lasted a tiny bit too long. Maybe allowing the player to advance his text would be a good way to adjust that. That would take alittle meta out of it though...

Overall Nice Job!

I LOVED every second of this. Super stoked to read that you're planning on further fleshing it out. The base mechanics feel solid as hell already and the style and atmosphere you have going are top notch. Keep up the awesome work!