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I love the amount of variation (backgrounds, lighting, difficulty changes, post-dunk effects) you've added.

This is really charming.

Beautiful and relaxing. High replay value. Recommended for all gamers.

Hah, brilliant.

A brilliant and delirious monument to the length of fuse remaining, once we discovered it was lit.


Winning concept!

Wish there were different difficulties, and perhaps a "best time" to try beating your record. It seems like there's a lot of room left to easily expand on this core idea. Nicely done!

Very clear & easy to play. I like the way you worked the rules in as one of the screen states.

Not sure if I would enjoy a timer as much as having penalties for trying the same letter more than once, but it really just leads to two different kinds of game.

Kudos on making such an understandable 1-bit game! I quite like the concept/story, but wish failure were not instantaneous -- it's a little too close to minesweeper for my tastes.

It'd be nice if you were given a brief period of resistance to madness that would slowly recover while you were safe, so you could survive a few surprises, if you reacted quickly enough.

Hah, it's true. C'est triste, but it is accurate.

Odd indeed! I had a Windows friend check the download, and it seems to have worked for him (he hadn't played before, so definitely a fresh install). Maybe there was a momentary burp in service? I don't think I've heard of any issues with my Windows builds before.

At any rate, I did a fresh export & zip just in case. Hopefully this one is trouble-free!

How odd! The majority of downloads have been for Windows, and this is the first I've heard of a problem. Time is treacherously scant for the foreseeable future, but I'll investigate at the next opportunity. Thanks for reporting the problem!

(And also: thanks for all your work in the jam scene!)

Wow, that's a tough question. I don't remember much about being 10, and making games is pretty hard!

I don't have any short answers, but I do have two longer answers:

1) Try asking about this at your school, or look for other schools nearby or summer programs that offer classes on making games. Your parents or teachers might be able to help you find these. All the game-making tools that I've used expect you to know things like geometry, algebra, and basic programming concepts, which I think most schools don't teach until you're older. Sometimes colleges & community centers offer game-making classes that are open to the public, too, though they may be too short to get into much detail.

If you're in the US, it looks like might help to find local classes. I haven't used it, though.

2) If you want to try all by yourself (which can be very hard), a lot of people recommend starting at It helps to pick a tool to start with (like "Haxel," or "Löve," or "Phaser"), then you can watch tutorials on Youtube, or look for Coursera classes, or try other ways to learn how to use that tool to make games. (I used Unity, but it's overkill for such a simple project like this, and there's a lot of other concepts that you have to learn to use it. I would not recommend Unity for your first game, unless you already know a lot about programming and 3D graphics.)

Some of my coworkers taught themselves how to program at your age just by reading documentation and spending a lot of time trying, but I don't think I would have been able to do it.

Also, it's probably going to be more helpful to ask teachers/parents rather than to leave comments on A lot of us have busy lives and don't really watch for comments, so you probably won't get many answers here.

Anyway, whatever you try, good luck to you!