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Fun! I feel like this could be expanded pretty easily, too!

Oh! I love the idea of this being a "competitive pinball" game! I think it's really fascinating, and having to make one "paddle" make everything the same color is a unique win condition. The physics were a little floaty, which made it kind of forgiving, but also very slow to play solo. My problem might just be that I need more friends, lol. ;)

This was a lovely game! The limited palette made your use of color striking and powerful, as well as clearly illustrating dangers. I think making the enemies white instead of red made for better clarity on them not being projectiles, and created a definite moment of surprise when encountering the first hopping enemy. A really cool, clever concept! Definitely smart, well-designed, and thoughtful. :)

This was a super unique puzzle game! I agree with some of your other commenters in that the onboarding was a little rough, but once I got it, I really enjoyed the spacial puzzle elements! I'd love to see this fleshed out to include some controls to alleviate waiting, a more thorough tutorial, etc. etc., but this is a puzzle game I could definitely lose a few hours to if it had a little more polish. 

I absolutely love this! You did a phenomoneal job with the themeing and the execution of the controls. It felt kind of slippery, but that fits with the theme super well. The music is, of course, very cute. And the way that you trick the player into thinking that there will be a boss fight and then subverting expectations is really cool! Amazing job overall!

Really fun aesthetics, cute enemy designs. Loved the overall look and feel. It was a little too hard for me, but I also enjoyed picking up upgrades and finding new ways to stick enemies together. Great job!

Took me a while to figure out the best way to get points, but by the time I got the "Lots of flies for you today!" score, I felt like I understood this system pretty well. Loved the game, the SFX were really good, and I definitely felt rewarded enough by the gameplay loop to keep playing for a while until I had made that high score. Really great job, a lovely time!

This is a super smart and interesting twist on connect 4! It's a short little gameplay loop, but the AI was suitably smart and interesting, the powerups were cool, and the SFX were actually pretty nice, if not a little plain. Really enjoyed it!