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After leaving graveyard, puts me back into the graveyard, except there is no exit anymore and all dialogues are broken

I feel like this has a lot of potential, i really like the vibes. The whole quiz thing and changing the experience based on the player's personality is something i wanted to see more of in games. 

But if you continue working on this, you really need to fix the grammar and punctuation errors, it makes it hard to understand what do you mean sometimes.

For sure, don't give up though! With some polishing i really believe you got something cool in the works!

Thanks for your comment!

I guess i really should've mentioned that this is not a complete story by any means and i plan to continue/work on this more! It's totally normal to feel lost and it was kind of my intention to set up a mystery of "what is going on in this world".

This was lowkey an amazing game. Absolute blast to go through!

How do i unlock the good ending? It feels like i tried everything.

I appreciate the additional dialogues if you interact with items using your partner's vision, that's a nice touch.
Good work on the demo! The 3D environment renders look really good. 
Sadly it's hard to say anything about the story, as it seems it has not really begun yet in the scope of this demo.
Would like to learn more about the story soon, love the [REDACTED] Escape vibes!

I am a total sudafan through and through!

The style was definetly inspired by 25th ward. 

But the funniest thing i came up with the ideas for the story before i even discovered silver case, i only found about it by looking up one of the character names. I was shocked by how many thoughts and plot points i had were present in those games, but described much better. Though, it definetly affected some details of the plot afterwards.

Really glad you liked it!

this was a neat and nice experience

Yeah i appreciate the originality! Just the design of it certainly needs more polishing, but that's alright

I liked the aesthetics like design is music! But the gameplay itself i didn't quite understand

The "confusion" mechanic from getting hit by flowers is too severe of a punishment for getting shot by one of the million bullets, it prevents you from really progressing and doesn't feel like an actual challenge. 

The artstyle and music make a pretty cool aesthetic though, game feels like a drug trip (in a good way)

The idea for a game is pretty cool, you were creative with picking the reticle bloom as your theme, and sound stuff helps you keep playing.

I feel the concept of "shoot more accurately when moving" fits more into some kind of a game with cool movement mechanics and fast paced gameplay. Here it feels more tiring to the hand after 5 minutes of playing though. One thing that came up in my head after shooting pots on the accident: i saw they shake and move a bit after you shoot them, it would be cool if they had less friction and slided further, so you could reposition them in free time.

But overall a solid submission!

This is a really cool game! i like the eclipse mechanic, it has big potential.
I could advice to let player choose different weapons for time of the day and to buff the melee weapons, cause they just seem to not worth the risk. Also making it so the abilities are always off cooldown when you switch, can make room for flashy plays

Pleasantly surprised by this game, there's definetly more thought put into this than expected.

Really like the concept man, different parts can quite change the gameplay.
But the main problem was the enemies that aren't really fun to combat with, they deal serious damage and the only thing you can do is wait for them to turn. This makes "broken" weapons more of a hassle than a challenge.

Good luck on your future games, i think with more tuning and time you can create something really cool

Art style is nice, reminds me of stick fight. Shooting is fun too, but i think to use that your blood is lethal there should be some heals spawning from time to time, so you could use your health like some kind of mana

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Hey, thanks! 
As for the controls i'm really glad i had script for that ready from previous test project.
I don't think of and dont plan any sequels to that but i will be creating more games!

I really liked how the game looked, pixel art mixed 3d ultraviolet light. I think this game would be very fun with some kind of a multiplayer. For some reason Blood magic or healing doesn't work for me no matter what i press, so i couldn't use those.

Heartwrenching story and amazing acting. I nearly cried when vampire started to morb.

sadly i couldn't physically complete the game because i do not understand how turning to bat works

The concept is great, this definetly can be turned into a full indie game.

It took me some time to understand, but once i did i found that this game's mechanic is very cool!
I think it has a lot of potential with drinking blood and spitting it out into the enemies. I would've loved to see it in future's project more expanded and developed!

Also the world gen is cool (though sometimes it traps me within walls) 

thanks for playing man.
I decided to make the hard platforming to compensate for how short the game is.
Also the boss was initially SUPER hard, projectiles spawned WAY faster, but thankfully i decided to change it.

This game is pretty damn cool, i think the skills have a lot of potential for various enemies and level designs. 

But sadly at the final boss dracula fell into the pit at the left and then decided to skidaddle through the wall, so i couldn't see the ending.