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sooo cooool !

Thanks :D

Thank you so much ! <3

It's awesooome, it made me laugh so hard x)

Thank you so much <3 xD

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Thanks a lot for your comment :D 

I did it thanks to a tutorial on how to simulate sort of a liquid on Construct 2 using the effect called "alpha clamp", it was the first time I did this and I really like the result :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback ! :D

Thanks ! :D

Yes, you are right

Thank you for your feedback !

Thanks ! :D

You won xd

Nice game ! The random jump is a good idea :D

Thank you for your feedback ! :D

Thanks ! :D

Yes, and I also would like to add a combo counter (because now, when you cut a paper your dash is reloaded but doing a combo does nothing).

Thanks for your feedback !

Thanks for your feedback ! 

I think you are right, the game is a little too hard, the papers spawn too close from each other and they are sometimes to fast. But I'm scared to make it too easy :C

Maybe I should add a difficulty menu or something :/

Yeah I saw the arrow keys bug x) With it you can mooonwalk xD

Thank you for your feedback ! :D

I loved watching "Les Shadoks" when I was a kid :3