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Nope, the version is from the very latest version of the game.

The Cerulean Vale map is Steam-only at this point.  We'd like to add it to as well when we're able to do so, but currently, since 99.9% of our customers are playing it on Steam, we can't justify it.

Sorry to hear this is still requiring Steam for you.  I'll have our engineering team take a look.

We've improved it since then so those notifications come up less often.

Yes, the game is still only *purchaseable* via Steam, not itch.  But we're making sure those who bought it on itch during the beta can still play it on itch. if they choose to do so.

> Btw this release is stand-alone, right? You don't need to have Steam installed
Correct.  We tested it on a Steam-free PC.  Let us know if you have any issues, though.

QuestMaster, the Surface is below minimum spec; you'll need to get a refund. We won't be able to upgrade to UE 4.15 before launch due to the need to keep in sync with the console engine version. We apologize for the inconvenience.