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Oh, I didn't realise that Follow-ing a dev was signing up for e-mails, rather than signing up for on-site notifications. Thanks for the clarification, really appreciate the work you're doing here.

Forum community · Created a new topic Itch forum vs. Disqus

I quite like Itch's forums. And Disqus is pretty gross from a user privacy perspective. Next to no moderation tools either. I concede it sorta sucks that the discussion isn't right there on the page in question.

Maybe I should've used Itch for the whole shebang? If the game or blog were here too I'd get a little topic summary at the bottom of the page. 

There were several little snags. Itch has a rudimentary mailing list, but you can't subscribe without buying something. The devlogs are decent for blogging, but I couldn't find a way to do polls or what Wordpress would call a "Page." No way to import my previous blog, which is something I managed to lash together with my Hugo setup.  So close and yet so far!

So I purchased a bundle which has multiple games as zips unlocked by purchase. I'm not sure if it's a Bundle in itch terms. After picking one to download via the itch app, I can't find a way in the UI to download the others. 

I'm gonna go download the zips instead, but I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing in the app that would let me do this.