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Also, I think it's worth mentioning: your pixel art skills are fire!

Wow!  This is inspiring me to go through that LazyDev tutorial.  I loved the basic tutorial, but this is so smooth, polished and fun to play!

This looks so cute.  Fun for 30 seconds or so, but I imagine that's kind of the point.  Artwork, music and feel is excellent though!

Thanks for the consideration.  I definitely see why you've got a limiter on shooting.  Game would be way less fun if you could infinitely shoot into every room without consequence.

Keep it up!  I'll be on the lookout for updates and such! Already quite fun.  

I'm enjoying this.  The punishment for missing a shot feels a little harsh though.  Maybe instead of a chance for an instance loss some other incentive to encourage careful shooting might be more fun.  Only having one arrow and having to move into the room you shot in to retrieve it before you can shoot again.  Or maybe losing half your health or something.  Or maybe only getting 3 arrows.  Not sure.

Additionally, maybe the map revealing more as you go instead of showing all locations from the start.  Might increase the intensity and reward the player a bit more for exploring.  Give them the feeling of discovering things even if there's nothing in the room.  

Maybe more than one potential map layout?  

Maybe additional clues or tools or whatnot that you can find in a room?  Something like, "Found a nest but it's cold.  The Gwumpus must be 6 rooms from here or more." 

Good, simple game though.  I'd love to play this on real hardware once you're finished with it.  

I totally get how difficult it can be to migrate to another platform. No pressure. But this game looks so beautiful. It would be so much fun to play on real hardware. 

Whether you do or don’t, props on a game well done!

This looks so so good.  Looks like this one's been unmoving for a while.  Any chance there's a .gb file coming out? 

Woohoo!  Cheering for you!

Oh man, this is looking slick!  I love it!

I completely agree!  This is awesome!  I'd love to be able to download a ROM file to play in an emulator or flash to a cartridge and play on an actual GBC!  Can you add that to your post here?

Also, Amber! @taxicomics has an awesome Pico-8 demake too!  You should check it out!  You both did such a fantastic job capturing the look/feel of the original game for these two small-scale consoles!  

I've got an upcoming update that'll include that, along with quite a few additions and adjustments.  Way more than I figured I'd have room for.  

The biggest improvement I've got incoming is that the waves will consistently move from one to the next without skipping.  Hoping to upload it tonight!

This is a poster child for constructive criticism! 

Great thoughts and incredibly thorough explanation!  Thanks for playing the game.  I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  I will have to check out Gyrus.  I've never played it.  

Seriously thank you for the feedback.  I personally liked the screen shake with low health, but I definitely see what you mean about making tracking more difficult, so I dialed it back quite a bit so it's hopefully not so distracting.

Also, I adopted (closely) your status bar recommendation and it actually opened up a lot of space to fix some things and add some features!

I hope you enjoy the changes.  I also hope you don't mind my adding you to the credits under my list of play testers!

I got stuck there too for quite a bit. Could maybe use a helpful NPC to drop a vague hint. But also it was fun to find. 

Wow! This game surprised me. Production value is amazing! Could not believe this much quality gameplay could be available for free. Definitely want to purchase the rest now! Thanks for making! Really enjoying!

I flippin loved this game. Probably played it way longer than it was intended to be played. And will very likely play it again before long. Took a little figuring and exploring before I realized how to make monsters more powerful. Which, once I stumbled across it, really loved that it’s not the standard XP system. Incredibly robust “mini”game!

This game is awesome. Loved the way you explained the controls. Haven’t finished but am really enjoying it. Everything about it feels like a good quality cartridge one could find back in the 90’s. 

Woohoo! Can’t wait! 

Loved this game.  Loved the music.  Especially loved the platformer overworld of the village itself.  

Had some glitch issue with the final boss fight, but a reset brought me right back to where I left off and was able to finish  without further problems. 

I’ll agree about critiques regarding the UI. Takes a little bit of getting used to. But once you figure it out, it’s really straightforward. That being said, I’ve never played a more immersive game on any retro console in my life. Artwork is mind blowing, music and sound subtly adds to the experience without overwhelming it. Lot’s of lore to unlock and discover. It’s just good storytelling. I was very drawn in. 

Solar Striker is one of my favorites.  I'll have to get this!