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This game really dz and riggied my world(s)


Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I love how every other Tifa line was cencored lol

Thanks for playing!

no problem! have fun!

oh dang, I don't know why this one is doing that while others aren't. you can try downloading the RPG Maker 2003 RTP from here and see if that works

extract the spinal fantasy file then open the folder and click on this to boot up the game

then press z or enter while New Game is highlighted 

controls are

z: interact

x: cancel/menu

arrow keys to move


thank you!

Thank you!!!

Only sport game to truly exist.



I am so glad this game exists, this was very inspirational and encouraging for me to start developing games.

I feel like this is the perfect example of a game in that it shows anyone who wants to make something fun can make something VERY fun regardless of any limitation.

Thanks a ton for making this game thecatamites!!!


Hi, sorry for not replying to yall! Thank you for your comments!!

Ah yes my bad

I can not believe this has happened to Binky.


This is without a doubt the funniest game I have ever played. I became lightheaded multiple times because of how much I've been laughing out loud while playing the game. Also this game has the best fishing mechanics I have ever seen!!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!!

This game makes me really feel at peace.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!


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A classic RPG inspired by Space Funeral with creatures I'd like to hang out with in places I'd like to hang out at!


In this game you play as Pax, a frog, who goes on a journey to seek magicians and learn wizardry from them in order to become the best magician!

On your journey you make friends and do all sorts of activities along the way while mainly listening to vintage electronica and easy listening music.

Seek Magician Page

This game took me a bit more than a year to finish, definitely more than I expected, but I was planning to make the game even shorter when I first started, I'm glad it turned out this way it was really fun to make. I started making it at 16 and now I'm 17! 

If you play it, I hope you have a good time!