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So well done and good looking. What made Mork Borg the deciding fator in terms of the engine? (Yes, same name, different bunny as on "Winter"'s discord.)


I've notes for a Laser & Feelings hack involved with 501c3's where the two poles are affinity with paid employees vs volunteers (an issue at every non-profit) but shelved it. Maybe another step away from reality or...back to the design.

Thank you!

Sweet. I want the t-shirt version now. (Where would you separate the text for front and back?)

We really need a "Your fault!" jam or bundle... 

Ping! making notes on my first MB hack (appropriately for the image: Hops Borg--(fading empire jokes welcome, if not quite relevant)

So much here, generating a response I've never experienced reading settings/sourcebooks etc.:

My preferred style is 1-3 session adventures, but a single paragraph had me craving a long campaign in one of the worlds justifying one of those  big fat hardcovers that clutter the market and often dilute their RPG's value and playability with filler.

Can we start playing this world, now? And when's the next session?

FYI: Highlighting Solo and Alone 3 games on Twitter:

Love how you highlighted the complementary experiences of what's leaving and what you're taking in. 

FYI: I've been highlighting Solo But Not Alone 3 entries on my Twitter feed:

Since you don't have a listing for that hellsite, here are my 280 chars: 

Favorite thing about this entry in It's open ended enough to work with settings vastly different from what the art, tables suggest. Going hi-tech sterile/sci-fi--perhaps on an alien world makes the experience, much, much, much more disturbing and creepy.

I also imagined a playthrough as Ivan VI, the son Catherine the Great through into that was really disturbing.
Impressive work (also appreciated your tweaking and adding to the W&A mechanics. When I did my entry for the bundle I was hope I was always struggling with how much might be too much...)

FYI: I've been highlighting Solo And Not Alone 3 entries on my Twitter feed.



NB: I've been highlighting the Solo But Not Alone 3 entries in my Twitter feed.

And it's admittedly a bit comforting to see I'm not the only one whose entry has its roots in an unexpected hospital stay...

Hope you're feeling better. 

(BTW: MSF is one of those organizations I think of when I read the news and need reminders that not all of humanity is just %@&ing awful.)

Highlighting Solo But Not Alone 3 entries  (and detailing my dream)

Continuing my highlighting of solo and alone 3 entries:

FYI: I've been highlighting Solo But Not Alone 3 in my twitter feed:

What didn't make the 280-char limit was a line asking who can resist a game where insects are your friends?

FYI: I'm highlighting the Solo and Alone 3 games on my personal twitter feed.

What didn't make the 280 char limit is how effective your use of recurring elements with differing perspectives and details (e.g. the Devil, your queens) was across suits. Nice.

FYI: I've been highlighting Solo and Alone 3 entries on my private Twitter account.

(Too bad Story Synth doesn't have audio recording built in...)

FYI: I've been going through Solo But Not Alone 3 entries in my personal Twitter feed:  

(And again, huge props for all three points)

NB: I've been highlighting Solo and Alone 3 entries on my personal twitter feed:

FYI: I've been highlighting Solo But Not Alone 3 entries on my personal twitter feed (
I don't see an address for you, so sparing you a trip to that hellsite....

Side hope for
entry: this gets enough attention to warrant SRD/JAM attention. Imagine the community sharing puzzles, maps, item lists...

FYI: I'm highlighting Solo And Alone 3 entries on my personal Twitter feed: 

Would love to see the community grow as a result of this bundle. 

FYI: I've been highlighting Solo But Not Alone 3 products in my personal Twitter feed:

FYI: I'm highlighting the entries in the Solo But Not Alone 3 bundle in my Twitter feed.  Nice to see a take so different (and infinitely more uplifiting) than my exploration of stigma and illness. 

FYI: I'm highlighting the Solo and Alone 3 bundle entries in my Twitter feed. (Extra delight Francita Soto's work in something not as grim as my own entry.)

NB: I've been highlighting all the games in the Solo But Not Alone 3 bundle on my personal Twitter account. I would love to see a stack of these responses...

NB: I've been highlighting all the games in the Solo But Not Alone 3 bundle on my personal Twitter account. I would love to see a stack of these responses...

FYI: Been highlighting Solo But Not Alone bundle entrants on my Twitter thread. If I had more characters, I'd continue talking about the strengths of the mechanics and your attention to the non-storytelling elements of the game. 

FYI: I've been posting highlights of the Solo But Not Alone 3 bundle on my Twitter account : 

So, does an AP exist?

Been highlighting the Solo and not Alone 3 games in my Twitter account: In case you're avoiding the hell site.

The separation of player agency from mechanics provides extra potency to the theme and mood, as does the game's diction.

"the Other Country"

"your family" ('Mom!' is in the title only)

Nicely done. Got me thinking a lot about stories of saving the fresh eggs for British bomber pilots, or what happened to the crew of the Enola Gay. 

Highlighting Solo and Alone 3 entries in my Twitter account.

(If you're avoiding the hellpit that is twitter)

Indirection (rather than misdirection) is its real strength. From the art selection to the questions not asked, the player finds themself making a lot of "off the page" inquiries, deep and unexpected.

(And always happy to talk rabbits.) 

Doing highlights of the Solo and Not Alone Bundle 3 on Twitter:

For those avoiding the cesspool: 

From It's tempting to lose yourself in @KadenRamstack's "Yourself's" lush graphics, but there are also many valuable insights into the illusion of determinism and its potency. Be prepared to unshackle and surprise yourself while playing (repeatedly).

Love the illustration. More to the point (

Highlighting @DotToorte's "Emouvante - Fleeting companion" from [Everyone else and] @Dccomics

#GreenLantern (and other color) writers should play this to better understand possibilities and boundaries of defining oneself by a a single emotion or impulse.)

(And beyond the 280 character limit:)
Playing this would be a valuable exercise for any writer or thinker or...

I'm going through the Solo But Not Alone 3 collection. Comments here:

Your tables rock. 

Like... the weight of getting diagnosed. [...] Of the concern over being a burden on others. Or just feeling worthless to myself... 

Thank you so much for the feedback.

One of the more difficult--and better--decisions actually involved trusting the player and their imagination:

The descriptions of the three illnesses (AIDS,TB,cancer) informing the game were originally 2nd person, very hostile and equally accusatory--just pure abuse. There was no doubt as to how you were supposed to feel. In fact, reading those drafts is what drove me to move the safety information to the very top of the document, and even after I did that, I scrapped what I had written about the specific illneses. 

[NB: This is an alpha, and it is free, and I am seeking feedback--especially from the ill, their caregivers, and those who fall into neither category--effectively everyone!]

You're Sick (and it's your fault) is a Wretched & Alone variant that takes you into your own head, in your own sickroom. Inspired by personal experience, the writings of Susan Sontag (Illness and a Metaphor, AIDS as a Metaphor), and a host of memoirs, support groups conference presentations, the game explores how thin the line is between responsibility and blame is, and the quiet horror of ongoing collateral damage.

Quick question and note:
1. Any plans for making the code available? 

2. The discord link in the readme gave an "expired invite note"