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This entire game was an amazing experience from start to finish.

The art is fantastic and the level themes pop out, giving each area a certain feel to it. The level design never makes you second-guess the game, only your skills and what you're applying in the situation. The enemies are fair, but still a bit tricky at times (though the clairvoyancy helps that quite a bit) which keeps you on your toes. Every time I died, I felt like it was my own fault for not managing my phase and keeping track of the enemies, it was never because of the game.

The only times I ever thought I couldn't progress were caused by me not realizing I could do something, like the melee giving a boost upwards if used in mid-air or something else like that.

Two things I think might be bugs, but I'm not sure. In the very bottom area with three flies and boiling water where you need to boost to the left to climb the tall room, if VSync is turned off it is significantly harder to get the speed booster to activate. (This might have just been me though.) The other is that if you spin dodge while running up a wall, it practically resets the timer and lets you double your distance, which I'm not sure is a bug or feature.

Other than those two things that might not even be the game's fault, this was perfect, and I'm very happy I got my hands on this game.

Um, maybe my game is bugged, but I can never use the audio cue to hear where it is, there's no left/right balance when I hear it.

I've found three collectibles (not counting the fuses), and I have no idea what to do with them.

I assume they're part of that secret ending you mentioned?

Quite a nice game, so clever and fun

Your alien's design gives an urge to run.

The ending was sweet, and I wanted to cry

If you finish the game, you'll probably see why.

I've given the rhyme, as your words were strong

To deny your request would make me feel wrong.

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The game is incredibly fun, but I have some controller issues.

My left stick controls movement and aiming, and I can't quite figure out how to get the aiming back onto the right stick. I tried using the input menu on the startup launcher, but it doesn't detect my left stick input, even though it can read it in-game. My right stick only offers completely inverted movement, if it even decides to do anything.


That ending (?) really hit me the moment I pressed the button.

I have the same mouse problem.

Quite annoying, because I love these types of games, and I can't play this one.

This game looks quite interesting. Would a Windows version be in the forseeable future?