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Your detective work led to a bug report, thank you so much!

Thanks! That's good advice. I think if I re-did this I would have made the questions more obvious (i.e. this question is about X point on the hexagon, this answer implies Y about the position), but I guess it's good that it's challenging for replay's sake. Thanks for playing :-)

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Thanks! Someone else mentioned this and I have no idea what's up...apparently if you play in fullscreen (press f) it fixes it though?

Edit: Also if you're testing this out for me, could you also see if the bug still happens after pressing "s" to change the window size to be smaller? The game starts scaled up by default to support larger resolutions, which could be causing this.

I haven't beaten it yet (on level 9) but I love the concept and it looks really clean. Also - if you go 17 degrees left on level 9 you get a cool loop. :-)

It's great! Nice game concept and without checking the controls pressing shift to move faster made perfect sense to me.

Here are a few that I'm not going to use (varying levels of "good"):

  • Fire tender simulator (cooking, baking, smithing, glass blowing)
  • Keeping things cold simulator (keeping beer cold for a party, cooling ice cream)
  • Cold/hot climate survival simulator
  • College (student/teacher) simulator
  • Diploma forgery simulator
  • Bridge simulator (but only triangles with fixed angles)
  • Ramp building simulator (you choose angles)
  • Inbreeding simulator (for avoiding inbreeding, degrees of separation / consanguinity)
  • Scolding simulator (giving someone "the third degree")

If you end up using one post the link here so I can check it out!