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Hello everyone, I am hoping to find  an Artist who is interested in joining our team for this years music game jam. We have a solid game concept and talented team minus the artist we need to truly bring this project to life. 

The game is a point and click interactive pop up storybook game. Basically we have a short music themed story about a boy who plays viola (a smaller version of violin)  and lives in a depressed village that is overseen by a strict old man baron who lives in a mansion while the rest of the village lives in cottages. 

Everyday at dawn the boy wakes up and takes his viola outside to the village's well and plays his viola for the town to help inspire the villagers and lift them out of their depression throughout the day.  Without his playing, frankly the town wouldn't be able to hold itself together under the strict rule of the town's baron. 

However one day as the boy leaves his house to head to the well, he is confronted by a bully 3 years his senior, who snatches his viola from him, pushes him to the ground, and proceeds to twist the tuning pegs until his strings break. And thus begins his quest to find a way to try and replace the strings before the town succumbs to their depression and stop working, which would only insight the unforgiving wrath of the baron. 

Here is a rough concept of the pop up story book map showing the baron's mansion. 

You can reach me at
and on discord (mortdeus#8712)


you need a makefile bro. 

discord: mortdeus#8712

I can program, write music, and am a somewhat okay graphic artist.