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Very enjoyable! Thank you!

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Edit: Rewrote the whole thing. See if you like the new version.

Hey! Thank you for playing and these are accurate and relevant observations. Sadly, I'm no longer in contact with the artist I hired to do the graphics back in the day, so my options are to either leave everything as is, or to hire someone to create new visuals, which can get expensive, or to do it myself, which would be incredibly cruel to players. 😅

That said, I'll be on the lookout for better sounds. If you find some free or inexpensive ones, do let me know! I'm also thinking about allowing the player to set custom sizes for the board, and custom percentage of dragons. Would this be something you'd like to see added?

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Oh, interesting, I checked in FireFox and it works just fine. Must be something about Edge, either the browser itself or some manual setting that I messed with and then forgot about. Works when developing locally, though, which is why I thought it was Itch's fault.

Edit: OMFG! Blocking 3rd party cookies is what's causing this!

The getter and setter look like this

localStorage.setItem('uvz-sound', JSON.stringify(G.soundEnabled));



is a Boolean.

This is what I'm seeing if I try using it: 

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Hello! I used your sounds in a game and credited you in the patch notes. Thank you for your work! 

Hello! I used your sound in a game and credited you in the patch notes. Thank you for your work! 

A custom one that I wrote. Calls to localStorage.setItem() or getItem() fail and crash the app (unless handled) once uploaded to Itch.

I tried searching before deciding to ask this but found no definitive answer.

Is there a way to use localStorage? I'd like to save the user's preferences for playing music. Music can get pretty annoying, and so I have a toggle that turns it off. Unfortunately, being unable to store the state of the toggle, those who'd rather play silently are forced to turn it off every single time they load the game.

If there isn't a way to make it work with localStorage, what other methods do you guys use to preserve state between sessions?

Starting with version 0.18.4, it is now the left mouse button.

Героям слава! 😁👍🏻