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morry's illusion

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i played this game back in 2018 when i was 19 which was Quite a time in my life especially gender wise and i felt like it perfectly captured thing i could not figure out the answers to. also getting to use it/its pronouns in some way awakened further feelings abt gendered i didnt realize i needed to open up. i can say this game definitely kickstarted something in my brain thats permantely changed the way i think about my gender for the better so, i still get lots of feeling about this game 6 years later

thank you so much ^^

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not exactly sure how this works or if it can be figured out but i have one issue with this, is that it uses curly quotes, and whenever i export or copy text, the curly quotes are mixed up/backwards... as in, the closing one is where it should be a starting one, vise versa. i keep having to replace all of them. is there a way around this? or a potential for just using straight quotes?

thought i commented on this?? well i can say this is super impressive. the moment i saw you started working on it i was just blown away by the idea. the fact it works as well as it does is super impressive. i am not good at these kinds of game lol, but if you didnt tell me i never would have expected this to be made in narrat. 

thank you, it means a lot to hear! never put my characters/stories out like this before so its hard to know how people will take it sometimes, and what you say is what id hope people take from it.

i would really like for setting to stay saved! it becomes more annoying for me than part of a ritual, tho i understand that idea

lovely artwork all around- so much color and i love how the characters were visualized in their portraits. plus a topic much relatable as an artist. ill have to give it another run knowing theres some other choices i could make too.

i havent been able to entirely play through the whole thing but this is very impressive overall!! not just the mechanics but i the depth i can see in the lore of this setting too. all very very cool

oh this is great- as a tumblr user for years it feels familiar and i always like games that kinda capture the current day but in the form of internet interaction. when it comes from people on the internet it feels very genuine. also favorite part in that bio was "doesnt apply to current mutuals" lmao...

decided to just push out a quick update with what i can find, considering the Jam rating and all happening rn. but if you do want to replay youre always free to let me know what you see :P may likely still be some grammar issues still

no rush! ill check myself today too.

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yea i had a feeling there would be typos. bad dyslexia here. read it so many times but i guess i still missed some lol. i will hopefully try and fix some and update for that. if you or anyone else wants to point out any specifics it would certainly be welcomed

this is lovely, as short as it is. had started to understand the narrative as i kept reading and once realizing it i could very much relate. even the smallest of comments can hurt and making it single choice definitely leave even more of an impact

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thanks! i think some sensitivity options would be good for sure. the camera in auto cam definitely works well with the controls (i personally had issue trying to use the mouse to move w/o auto cam, but then needing to use Enter to progress dialogue- needing to jump my hand back and fourth between those controls isnt good imo) but its a bit finicky at some angles. but i look forward to trying to full chapter soon too ^^

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ah! i think i fixed it, i think it was the controller but i needed to unplug and also restart my pc?? maybe it was a driver related to it that was still conflicting even after a simple unplug. but i think its fixed now. does this game have controller support? (in the full or demo version?)

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i am playing it on Windows 10. using a mouse/trackball mouse and also have a controller but i wasnt using it for this (thought maybe there was a conflict with it, but making sure its unplugged doesnt help). if you need more detail lemme know!

hi! i wanted to try the demo of this before buying and i seem to be having an issue... i cant move the camera with the mouse at all- when i move it, it goes up but when fall back down to the ground, over and over. additionally the mouse doesnt seem locked in place and i dont really know whats going on with it... would love to play the full chapter but not sure whats causing the issue so id hate to see it also happen in the full version;; if you have ideas on how to fix this itd be much appreciated!