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thanks! i think some sensitivity options would be good for sure. the camera in auto cam definitely works well with the controls (i personally had issue trying to use the mouse to move w/o auto cam, but then needing to use Enter to progress dialogue- needing to jump my hand back and fourth between those controls isnt good imo) but its a bit finicky at some angles. but i look forward to trying to full chapter soon too ^^

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ah! i think i fixed it, i think it was the controller but i needed to unplug and also restart my pc?? maybe it was a driver related to it that was still conflicting even after a simple unplug. but i think its fixed now. does this game have controller support? (in the full or demo version?)

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i am playing it on Windows 10. using a mouse/trackball mouse and also have a controller but i wasnt using it for this (thought maybe there was a conflict with it, but making sure its unplugged doesnt help). if you need more detail lemme know!

hi! i wanted to try the demo of this before buying and i seem to be having an issue... i cant move the camera with the mouse at all- when i move it, it goes up but when fall back down to the ground, over and over. additionally the mouse doesnt seem locked in place and i dont really know whats going on with it... would love to play the full chapter but not sure whats causing the issue so id hate to see it also happen in the full version;; if you have ideas on how to fix this itd be much appreciated!